Addicted to Sugar? What You’re Really Craving …

So it’s day 10 of our Sugar Detox and lemme tell you, last night I had the worst cravings. It was so bad I could cry. In this past, I would have just given in, but knowing that I was not in this struggle also encouraged me to not give up.

Up until now, I’ve felt amazing and I’ve been doing pretty good (not perfect) at staying on track. All the foods I was eating were sustaining me and I felt satisfied until last night.

No matter what I did, I could not get my mind off of food. I did the apple test, I prayed, I drank water, and I even made a salad. Nothing helped!

So at 9:00 p.m., Preston and I decided to go for a long walk. It worked!

Here’s what I learned from last night …

1.  To change a habit, you have to change the trigger

Although I’m eating the right foods that take away the sugar cravings, my body still has a memory of all the things I associate with eating, like watching TV. So if you’re accustomed to watching TV after a meal, you will need to change the association to break the habit of eating a dessert and watching TV after dinner. Changing a habit changes the ‘triggers’ that lead you to want to eat sugar or other foods.

2.  Focus on the root cause, not the symptom

Prayer works 100% of the time. I asked God to help me with my cravings, but I was praying the wrong prayers. I was bored. I was lazing around after dinner—flipping through channels mindlessly, feeling unproductive. My prayer should have been to ask God to fill me with His satisfaction so that I was not feeling bored like something was missing in my life. My body (sugar cravings) was telling me that I needed food, but what I needed was to feel fulfilled and accomplished. Going for a walk fulfilled that need. Next time, I will pray the right prayer, or even pray for wisdom, instead of asking God to fix the surface issue. Next time, I will ask Him to show me what I’m craving.

3.  Remain vigilant

Although I’ve been delivered from the grip that sugar had on me just a couple of weeks ago, it does not mean that I will not have challenges. I was reminded to remain vigilant. I was reminded that the enemy will never take a rest so neither should I. I was reminded how quickly I can revert to old habits, so this will require that I keep my mind fixed on the Lord and let go of old habits that keep me stuck.

If your goal is to give up sugar, be encouraged, sister. There will be challenging days, but you will get through them.

Continue to take it one day at a time, trusting God as your strength.


Your Sugar-Free and Spirit-Filled Sister

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