Are Faith Based Weight Loss Programs Better?

Is there really a need for a faith based or Christian-based program? After-all, what makes Christian weight loss any different from anyone else’s weight loss.

I’ve gotta admit that I just cringed as I googled ‘Christian Weight Loss Programs’ Yikes !!!, at the top of the list was some wacko telling you that you’re fat and that he had the biblical secret to help you lose weight.

Reading the claims on his site really challenged me to examine what service I offer. Is there really was a need for a Christian-based program? After-all what makes Christian weight loss any different from anyone else’s weight loss.

I never want to be accused of just slapping a Christian sticker on to a weight loss program. My goal is deliver quality content 100% of the time while being sensitive to the role that the Holy Spirit plays in the lives of Christians– this includes their weight loss.

I recognized the need for offering faith-based weight loss programs in my own life after being involved in the industry for almost 25 years.

I’m always surprised when I talk to someone who I would consider a ‘spiritual giant’ and I realize that they have never connected their faith with their health.

My desire is to truly see God as all-powerful which means that I can rely on Him to help me with my relationships, my finances and WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGES. I want Him to be God of all.

Christian or faith-based weight loss programs does not mean to just pray and the fat will melt away; it does not mean to eat only the foods that the bible says to eat; nor does it mean that you are a sinner because you’re fat. It especially does not mean that Christian have discovered the secret to weight loss ( in fact if you look in our churches, it seems quite the contrary)

To be part of a faith-based weight loss means:

  1. Your motivation to lose weight shifts from a self-focused perspective to an act of worship to God as you understand that your body is His temple.
  2. That you really believe that God wants you well and healthy and you believe that Hr will help you on your journey if you allow Him.
  3. You will ask and trust God to strengthen your will-power, self-discipline and motivation instead of chasing the next weight loss fad
  4. You will no longer waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars on weight loss gimmicks because God’s plan for health and abundance is simple ( and inexpensive)

  5. You will be part of a supportive team of like- minded people such as yourself who also believe in the power of prayer and support.

  6. You are not focused on quick fixes and see weight loss as a journey to teach you some valuable lessons about life and God.

  7. You will no longer feel the need to hide in shame but begin to understand universal principles such as accountability, reciprocity and intention.

  8. Your faith is strengthened as you submit one of the most intimate parts of your life to your Creator.

  9. You will learn what the bible says about your challenges and issues and how to overcome them.

  10. You will get RESULTS!

If you’ve been skeptical about faith-based program of any kind then I encourage you to do your homework before you sign up. Make sure you will be learning about the Word of God while learning all about healthy eating, exercise and behaviour modification. Praying alone will not get you results.

I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey.




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