Rising Above the Weight of Your Past: A Journey to Health and Freedom

Are you plagued by doubts about whether it’s too late to turn your health around and breaking free from the past? This month, we’ve been exploring the theme of fear, particularly the fears that can surface on your weight loss journey—fears that might be holding you back, making you wonder if you can truly break free from your health past. Today, I’m Cathy from Weight Loss God’s Way, and I want to talk to you about not letting your past define your future.

Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs:

This month, we’ve been exploring the theme of fear, particularly the fears that can surface on your weight loss journey. Now, let’s delve into how you can break free from these limiting beliefs.

Facing the Fear:

Jacob, about to return home and face his brother Esau, whom he had deceived and cheated out of his birthright, found himself gripped by fear. What would his brother do to him? The name “Jacob” itself carried the weight of deception, and Jacob had lived up to that name throughout his life. Sometimes, our own histories and health issues can feel like heavy labels we can’t shake off.

Overcoming the Past:

Your future isn’t set in stone, regardless of your family’s health history or your past choices. Find inspiration in the story of Jacob, the deceiver, and grasp the potential for significant change. Jacob’s encounter with God serves as a potent example. He engaged in a night-long wrestling match with an angel, unleashing something profound within himself. This encounter marked a pivotal moment when God renamed Jacob as Israel, symbolizing his liberation from his past.

Believing in a Bright Future:

You might think it’s too late, that you continue to self-sabotage your health journey, or that a history of health problems burdens you. But, be encouraged; God has made promises to you, and He is faithful to fulfill them. Furthermore, you are here because you know that God has spoken a word into your life about your health. Therefore, regardless of your past, your future can be bright.

Embracing the Struggle: God’s Preparation for Victory

While your journey may involve wrestling and struggle, remember that God is with you every step of the way. In the midst of these challenges, He is actively preparing you for success by removing what doesn’t belong and carefully pruning you for the ultimate victory.


In conclusion, it’s never too late to begin your health and weight release journey. Regardless of your past, God has promises for you, and He is faithful to fulfill them. So, don’t let your past, your fears, or your family history determine your future. Embrace the struggle, spend time with God, and believe that change is on the way. Your healthy weight and a brighter future are within reach.

By following these steps and embracing the message of hope from Cathy, you can start your journey towards better health and weight management today. Don’t let your past define you; let your faith guide you toward a healthier future.

Breaking free from the past



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