Common Sense Biblical Principles to Help you Lose Weight

Why do we often give up our common sense when we’re trying to accomplish goals—especially weight loss? Try these 5 Common Sense approaches based on biblical principles

bible_principlesWhy do we often give up our common sense when we’re trying to accomplish goals—especially weight loss?
We often feel that things need to be complicated in order for them to be effective—there’s just gotta be more to it.
Yet, simplicity and common sense is a gift that God has given us.

Common sense is the feeling in the pit of our stomach that we often ignore.
It’s our conscience that alerts us when we’re making a bad choice; it the Holy Spirit alerting us of the right thing to do.

It’s time for us reacquaint ourselves with the promptings of the Holy Spirit; only He can help us reach our weight loss goals.

So what are some common sense principles that the Bible teaches us that we can apply to our weight release:

  1. Common sense tells us to do first things first. We have a tendency to put off what’s important. We know that we should exercise but other things continue to become more of a priority. Exercise first thing in the morning to so nothing else gets in the way. Proverbs 14:15 teaches us that wise people carefully consider their steps.
  2. Common sense tells us to use the day wisely. Instead of taking the time to grocery shop for the right foods, plan our meals for the week and carve out some time to go to the gym, we get side-tracked by phone calls or TV watching. Plan out your health goals the day before and don’t allow anything to distract you from your plan. Psalm 90:12 teaches us to number our days so that we can gain wisdom on how to best spend our time.
  3. Common sense tells us that if something is not working then we should stop doing it but we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and keep expecting different results. We know that diets don’t work yet we can’t seem to resist the urge and lure of trying the latest diet. Each day, review what strategies worked and what didn’t work and adjust accordingly. James 1:5 teaches us that if we lack wisdom we should ask God. He will help us so that we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
  4. Common sense tells us to focus on what’s important but we tend to focus on quick fixes for immediate gratification and meaningless pursuits then decide to try God after all else fails. . Other priorities also seem to come before seeking God’s wisdom and peace. This will always result in failure. Each and every day, submit your weight loss to God. Matt. 6:33 tells us to seek first God’s kingdom and everything else will be added unto us.
  5. Common sense tells us that hard work will pay off. Many of us want results but we’re just not willing to do the work it takes to reach our goals. Understand that victory is going to take some sweat and sacrifice—there’s no easy way around it. Proverbs 14: 23 teaches us that work brings profit but mere talk leads to poverty.

God is not silent about how he wants us to accomplish our goals. Let’s continue to use His wisdom and common sense principles that he has provided us with to reach out weight loss goals.