Finding the Discipline to Get Healthier

Are you always looking for a new tip or tip or strategy, strategy or tip to help you get motivated to help you lose weight to help you stay focused?

It’s Cathy here with Weight loss God’s Way. And I want to talk to you about the best motivation that you can find to get healthier.

Instead of asking yourself what can I do, A better question is “Why aren’t I doing what I know to do?”

I’m gonna say that again. Instead of saying, “How do I how do I make myself exercise?” How do I make myself better? Ask yourself, “why aren’t I doing what I know to do? And when you ask, when you answer that question, after you cut through all the excuses and the reasons and everything like that, because they’re not really, they’re not really reasons, they’re more of a priority.

Priority Issues than time issues or money issues. You’ll see that it comes down to your motivation.

You’re motivated to do other things more than you are to get healthier.

And so you might already know that so how do you get around that?

Well, I was reading and it’s pretty icy here. So I got to be careful. I was reading in Colossians 3:17. It says, And what ever you do whatever you do in word, thought or deed, do it all through Christ and this is my paraphrase giving glory to the father.

So I was thinking, imagine, imagine if you did everything, including your health, including your healthy eating including your habits. What if you were to reframe all of those as an opportunity to glorify God says whatever you do, doing it all, as a form of worship, imagine that. So as you eat, it’s a form of worship. As you move your body and exercise. It’s a form of worship.

As I’m out here in the beautiful woods, this is a time to worship God. Imagine if you use that scripture to apply it to all areas of your health. Would that make a difference? I encourage you to try it and see.

Maybe use your exercise time to just thank God for your body and the ability to move. I had an injury for about six months where I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed doing. Let me tell you, I don’t take it for granted anymore.

And so think about your ability to move to get the food you eat. Imagine if you didn’t have any. And I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty. You know, I think we’ve all been made to feel guilty enough.

You know, if we were told to clean our plate because of all the starving children in Africa or India or whatever the story you heard. So this isn’t about guilt. But this is about seeing the bigger picture moving from a place of losing weight to a place of holiness in the Lord.

What if your health journey was not so much about the weight loss, but about your sanctification?

With that give you a different perspective. Would that reframe how you approach this? Would you stop fighting it so much and just give God thanks for every single thing that he’s given you?

And so I’m gonna leave it there. Also because I’m afraid I fall down the hill, even though I’m praying against it. I don’t want to be silly here. So it’s still cold here in just in Ontario, Canada.

And at the time of this recording, it’s almost April but yeah, we still got snow but it’s all good. It’s all good. So be encouraged.

See, whatever you do towards your health as an opportunity to glorify God give him Thanksgiving. Thanks for the food given thanks for your movement given Thanks for everything. And that’ll help you to let go of all the stress and all the anxiety and everything you hold on to as you’re on this health and weight releasing journey. Amen.

I pray that blesses you.

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Until again, bye bye.



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