Health Breakthrough: Scripting Your Best Year!

Happy New Year, my wonderful friends! As I record this in the chilly January air, I’m on my forest walk, eager to share tools and tips for a successful health journey this year. So, grab a warm cup of tea and join me in exploring strategies to keep moving forward in our health breakthrough goals.

Setting Clear Health Goals:

Let’s kick off our conversation with the powerful scripture from Habakkuk 2:2-3. It urges us to write the vision and make it plain so that those who see it can run with it. Applying this to our health, the fundamental question is, are you clear on what you want? Many of us hesitate to set clear health goals, sometimes fearing they might not align with God’s will. However, scripture affirms our well-being, urging us to embrace health breakthroughs in spirit, soul, and body.

Write It Down:

In the intimate dialogue between God and Habakkuk, divine revelation is delivered. Similarly, we must write down our health goals. Challenge yourself – grab a pen and paper or your phone, and jot down what you’re committed to achieving this year. Let’s break through the fear of not achieving them and focus on the power of clarity. Share your goals in the chat; I’m here to support, encourage, and guide you.

Commit to Clarity:

Are you committed to writing down your goals? Don’t worry about the fear of failure right now; let’s focus on the commitment to clarity. I’ll be reading your goals, offering feedback, and praying for your success. This year is your breakthrough – the year you conquer the strongholds holding you back in your health journey. In Jesus’ name.

Embracing Accountability:

Accountability is a key player in our journey to health. Share your goals with a friend or a community; let them be your support system. Together, we can celebrate victories, learn from challenges, and keep each other on the path of success. The power of shared commitment is immeasurable, making the journey not only for you but inspiring for those around you.

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Health Breakthrough



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