Let’s Get Real—3 Reasons You’re Not Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Buckle up, my sisters. Every once-in-a-while I think situations call for a bit of tough love and today is one of them.

After speaking to a few women yesterday who have reached the point of desperation, I needed to share this message with you in this particular way.

My point is not to make you feel guilty or condemned, but instead to give you a clear picture of what it will take to achieve your goals.

For those of you who are truly ready, I pray you will put these principles into action right away.

Here goes …


1.  You're not willing to do what it takes

In the 1992 movie, A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson delivers a powerful line to Tom Cruise, "You can't handle the truth!" Isn't that how we are with the truth sometimes? We would rather suffer in our misery than face the truth.

If we're honest with ourselves, most of us are not willing to do what it takes to achieve our goal weight. Without willingness, our entire weight loss journey is all in vain because everything we do will be just empty promises to ourselves and God.

A willing spirit is what empowers us to put our faith into action and trust God, instead of always being led by our flesh. Unless you’re willing, you will continually be fighting yourself throughout the entire journey.

Willingness is the key that will determine whether your journey will be an uphill battle, or a steady progress dance perfectly filled with forwards and a few backward steps. Unfortunately, much of our weight loss journey can feel like a battle of wills between us and God.

Yes, we truly want His best for our lives, but deep down inside we want to eat what we want and when we want, and we want to do what we want to do when we want to do it, so we don’t go to Him for fear that He will deny us our pleasures.

No matter how much you may want to lose weight, if you’re not willing, change will never happen.

I talk to so many women who say they really want to lose weight and I tell them what to do and often their first response is, "Yeah but ...."

"Yeah, but you don't know my situation."

Yeah, but my body is different."

"Yeah, but I don't have the time."

"Yeah, but I don't have the money."

Ask yourself, what is your "Yeah, but ...", then turn it over to our God who has equipped you with the ability to overcome your biggest roadblocks, but only if you're truly willing.

Like the story of the rich young ruler, when many of us find out what it REALLY takes to achieve our goal, we're not willing to give up the security of what we have (even though it may be killing us) for what we really want. So we walk away with our head down realizing that we may want it, but the sacrifice is too much (Matthew 19:16-22).

Although this story is referring to money, ask yourself if this story can also apply to your health journey.

 "But when the young man heard this statement, he went away grieving; for he was one who owned much property."

2.  You're still focused on yourself

To many of us make this about us. I know what you're thinking. Of course, it's about me. I 'need to' learn to eat better; I 'need to' get my emotions under control; I 'need to' get to the gym.

Here's the thing. You probably have already realized that you can't make yourself do anything you don't want to.

Remember Paul's lament in Romans 7:15:

"I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. 16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. 17 As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me."

Our Christian life and everything it entails, including your health, is about pleasing God and living for him. It's not about blowing our diet or not reaching our 10,000 steps. It's not about the number on the scale. It's about our commitment and… Click To Tweet

Like David, you must understand that no matter how big or how small you mess up, what's most important is your commitment to God. Don't make losing weight about you—make it about pleasing God and your spirit will become more willing.

David said:

4 Against You, You only, I have sinned And done what is evil in Your sight, So that You are justified when You speak And blameless when You judge. Psalm 51:4

3.  You're still focused on finding the 'right' solution

Gastric Sleeve Surgery! Garcinia Cambogia Extract! Hydroxycut! Liposuction!

I've worked with clients who have tried them all, and in the majority of cases, they're still very dissatisfied with themselves and their bodies.

I've also worked with clients who are 95 pounds and when they look in the mirror, they still think they're fat. Why? Because they still have not dealt with the emotional and spiritual issues around weight loss.

Trying to lose weight by having your stomach stapled is like trying to put a band-aid on an open oozing sore (sorry for the vivid detail). Until you deal with the infection, the band-aid won't have much effect.

Until you deal with why you do what you do, the weight will continue to find you again. So ...

Stop running from the truth.

Dare to go deeper.

Dare to get real with yourself

God will only cover what you're willing to uncover.

Continually searching for the right solution only ties God's hands, because you're choosing to control the situation by keeping the truth from yourself and from God. Although God already knows, He needs you to see the truth for yourself in order for transformation to take place.

As painful as it sounds, you're choosing your way over God's.

If you keep spinning your wheels year after year, it's time to face the truth—YOUR WAY IS NOT WORKING and probably will never work if you keep trying the same old ineffective methods.

It's time to try another way, my sister! Can you see yourself in any of these three scenarios?

If you were nodding your head in agreement as you read this post, share your feedback in the comment section below. How is the Holy Spirit talking to you? What step will you take to get real with yourself about this journey?

P.S. if you are tired of circling the same mountain over and over and want a Christ-centered approach to lasting weight loss without feeling guilty, deprived, or overwhelmed, be sure to sign up for our video course program right away at cathymorenzie.com.

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Kimberly Durden
Kimberly Durden
10 months ago

Wow . . I have been only focused on my own needs (I need to get into that dress, I need to lose weight before my cruise, etc.) and on finding the “right” solution. Eventually, I get bored or I get frustrated or usually I get distracted: I stop looking at my health goals because something else has jumped up to grab my attention. But realizing that this is for God is like a light being turned on in a dark room. This helps to give us clarity.

Wanda Howard
Wanda Howard
11 months ago

It’s time to uncover me so God can cover me!!!….Lord help me get out of Your way so I can stop circling this mountain of: not liking how I look, the pressure of what others think, starting on my own on Monday & most of all I’m going to try “that” & I know it will work. Thanks for the REAL truth

Paula mays
Paula mays
11 months ago

Took the 21 day Bible study on my Bible App
It was wonderful!!!

Raquel H.
Raquel H.
1 year ago

Thank you so much for your audacity! I don’t always have someone tell me what I need to hear. I’ve always had to be that for others. That was true accountability and I receive every word of it. Overall I have done much better since April of this year but in my head it’s always there. That part of me that says, I just don’t want to do it. I realize that Satan is truly trying to destroy me but he’s using me to do it. My new anthem song has been I Hate you by Mali Music. His words… Read more »

Linda Alf
Linda Alf
1 year ago

Right on sister. All 3 points are my reasons I’m stuck. Thank you for saying the tough words in love. #1 & #2 are my biggest walls to tear down. And to be honest I’m not there today. I need a head and heart change.

Luz Marina Garcia
Luz Marina Garcia
1 year ago

I totally agree with everything that was stated in the email. I must understand that I must go in deeper with Jesus on this weight loss journey. I must comprehend that Jesus is the Lord of everything in my life and I can’t control anything. My God is sovereign and I must be submitted to Him always. Thank you sister Cathy for these words of wisdom.