How Long Will You Wait?

Here’s the scene:

Moses had died and Joshua was now in charge. He had been leading the Israelites when he noticed that they had yet to take possession of what was theirs. And so he asked, “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?”

I can imagine how some of the Israelites reacted. “What does he mean how long will we wait? We’ve been circling this mountain for 40 years and we can finally see the promise land. We made it.” Though they had finally made it around that mountain, they still had something in them that was preventing them from taking what was theirs. I mean, God had promised them this land and there it was, and they still hadn’t taken hold of it. Why???

Sometimes in our weight loss journey, we forget that good health is our inheritance. It is what God has had for us from the beginning. And through this journey, we can become like the Israelites.

We can circle around the same mountains or habits for 40 years or more. Still struggling with meal prepping, still struggling with sugar consumption, still struggling with binge-eating, and finally one day, we look up and we see the promise land.

We may have lost all but 5 lbs of our goal weight or we may be down to drinking just one soda a week and we can literally see the promise of God. Yet, we don’t go in and finish it off. We don’t go in and take full claim of what’s ours. We become satisfied with living right outside our promise. We’re happy with only losing 3/4 of the weight we wanted to lose. We’re satisfied with drinking one soda a week. We walk around with the notion of “Hey, it’s better than what it was three months ago right???”

Here’s the thing: When we set a goal to get to good health, we should NEVER SETTLE for almost attaining it. We must take this scripture and see it as it truly is and ask ourselves, how long are we going to wait before we truly go in and take action concerning our health?

If you notice in the scripture, Joshua implied that the Isrealites had to take action themselves to claim the land. It wasn’t just handed over to them. Joshua didn’t go and divide it up for them. They had to go in and take action to claim what was theirs.

Moral of the story: My dear friends, I ask each of you, how long will it be until you take possession of what God has for you?

I know for myself, I am tired of sitting outside the promise land looking in. Being near it no longer satisfies me. I want ALL that God promises me and I will go in and take claim of what is mine!

We provide so many tools to help you to start AND finish this journey once and for all. I implore you to gather your strength in the Lord and take possession of your health.

Love you all,

Glady’s Higgins, Guest Contributor and WLGW Mentor


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