Powerful Weight Loss Prayers

Do you find it difficult to pray for your health? Not sure how to pray for your health?

We know that our heavenly Father will respond to our prayers with power and grace. But attempting to express our soul’s deepest longings to God can sometimes leave us feeling intimidated or unsure.

If you need a boost in your prayer life, especially when it comes to praying for your health, then you will love this resource on prayer. These 21 powerful prayers for your health will help you deepen your own communion with the Lord. God loves you and wants to talk to you about anything that concerns you—including your health!

Use these sample audio prayers to help you pray just 2 minutes in the mornings, over a coffee break, or just before lunch. Pray powerfully for your health:




For our entire library of 21 powerful prayers for your health which includes a prayer journal, 21-day devotional, and lots more, visit cathymorenzie.com/prayer.


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