S.L.O.W. Down!! You’re Moving Too Fast

During last Saturday’s Seek Him Saturday call, I shared a powerful word I received from the Lord that I think is worth sharing again and again.

A few weeks ago I was running on my treadmill which was a big deal since I never thought I would be able to run again after having multiple injuries.

In my spirit, I heard the Lord say to me, “Where are you running to so fast? This treadmill is like your life sometimes…, you’ve moving so fast, but you’re not getting anywhere.” 
I was so humbled by this word.
It was confirmation since I had a similar conversation with someone a couple of weeks prior to this.
I have known for years that although the speed at which I execute things is a gift, it also sometimes keeps me from experiencing life to the fullest. It’s sometimes rooted in fear of not feeling good enough or accomplished enough.
When I slow down, I feel unproductive. When I’m getting a lot done, I feel worthy. I realize my self-worth can sometimes get tied up in what I do. Can you relate!?
So then God gave me the acronym S.L.O.W. and it’s been life-changing!!
STOP 🛑 and pay attention to why you feel you have to move so quickly
LISTEN  🙉 for my voice and how I’m leading you
OBEY what I’m calling you to do and you will be safe within my arms
WORSHIP  🙌🏾 me
It’s been a few weeks of practicing S.L.O.W. and I’m growing more aware of how I want to rush through tasks and projects, conversations, and decisions, how I want to eat quickly, speak quickly and move quickly. The consequence of moving at this pace is that I’m often running ahead of God. 🏃🏾‍♀️
So when I notice it, I’m stopping, taking a deep breath (or 10), and reconnecting with God. I’m reminded that my worth is grounded in Christ and not in how much I can accomplish in a day. It’s been incredible and very sobering as well.
I think the Lord was also showing me how quickly I can jump back into old habits. Yes, I’m grateful to be able to run again, but he reminded me that my injuries came from not taking the time to stretch after training and also from not strengthening the weak muscles in my body. (Those are two more life lessons for another time ☺️.)
And because I believe one of my assignments is to share with you what I go through knowing that it may bless you too, I’m inviting you to go S.L.O.W.  too if you feel like you’re always on the proverbial treadmill or hamster wheel.
On Saturday, we studied, Psalm 91 and reminded ourselves that:
Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty 
When we dwell in Him, we can stop, rest, and get grounded in Him. We don’t have to be rushed or overwhelmed.

Join me in going S.L.O.W. this week, will you? God calls us to worship Him so take a moment on this worship Wednesday to give Him all glory, honor, and praise as you submit your health and your entire life to Him. 🙌🏾
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