Taking the Cleansing Challenge with Isagenix

My fellow trainer and I are embarking on a friendly weight loss competition.


Okay, all my clients should plug their ears right now. I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last 6 month. Yep, the personal trainer needs to put herself on her own program.

These extra 10 pounds are the result of a post race vacation (ran 160 km race in August) , Thanksgiving eating, Christmas over-eating, birthday over-eating ( Feb 5th- mark it on your calenders for next year) and Valentine’s day chocolate eating.

So here I am feeling icky, my brain is in a perpetual fog,my joints are achy; my clothes feel a bit snug and I see this unappealing, cottage cheese like texture on the upper part of my thighs.

So I taken matters into my own hands. My girlfriend and fellow trainer Olga Segovia are going to do the 9 day Isagenix cleanse together starting on Saturday February 26.

What is Isagenix
Isagenix is a cleansing and detoxification program with five nutritional components to help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss.

My Goals


  1. lose 9 pounds
  2. decrease my blood sugar level
  3. increased energy
  4. improve my overall mood
  5. get the clear headed feeling back
  6. decrease my joint pain

My Starting measurements

Starting Weight- 154 lbs ( all time high)
Body Fat percentage- 28%
chest 35.5
waist 29
belly button 32
hips 41
thigh 24

BMI (body mass index)- 23
WHR ( waist to hip ratio)- .7

The Competition- Fellow trainer and Muy Thai girl Olga.


Her Starting measurements

Starting Weight ( never mind)

Who are you voting for?
You will win my cleansing meal plan just for voting!!

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Tamara R
Tamara R
6 years ago

I am voting for you Cathy to win… i do hope Olga finishes well also! You got this Ladies! ?