The Pace of Grace

This month we are entering into God’s rest. I’m praying and believing with you that God’s Spirit of rest will abide in you.

Can you relate to this statement?

“You’re moving too fast!”

That’s what I heard in my spirit during the height of the COVID crisis. Although I was no longer seeing clients in their homes, going out to restaurants, church, the gym, or family celebrations, I still found that I had no time. I was still too busy.

Do you always feel rushed regardless of how much time you have?

If so, it’s because you’re operating at your own pace. Although it might feel good to move fast, and society may reward a fast pace, it’s not the pace of God.

Moving from task to task never finishing anything does not bring out God’s best in us. It can be an indication of something you feel you lack (more about this another time).

What God wants to cultivate in us takes time—it’ a slow process. I know, … we don’t like slow. It’s boring and it feels like nothing’s happening, but it’s often necessary if we’re ever going to make lasting change in our lives.

Maybe you’re like me and you often move too fast, or maybe you’re sometimes on the other extreme and you suffer from analysis paralysis to the point where you never get anything done.

Whether you’re too fast or too slow, know that there is a pace that we are to move at. I call it the ‘pace of grace’.

  • It’s the pace where you can move in step with God—not too fast and not too slow.
  • It’s the pace where you have time to pour into your family, your faith, your friendships, and your purpose and not feel like you have to sacrifice one for the other.
  • It’s a place where you’re not procrastinating because you’re dreading a particular task.
  • It’s a place where you make time for your health because you know that it will give you the strength you need to manage all your other tasks.
  • Lastly, the ‘pace of grace’ allows you to make time for what’s important instead of what is urgent. Like Mary, the ‘pace of grace’ allows you to sit at the feet of Jesus instead of majoring in the minor.

Take time today and tune-in to your ‘pace of grace’. You’ll know it when you enter into it because it will feel so right.

Ask the Lord to give you the grace to let go of all the balls you feel you need to keep juggling and listen to see if He’s telling you that you’re still moving too fast.

I’m listening—and as a result, I’m simplifying, I’m delegating, and I’m purging.

Over the coming months, you’ll be seeing a lot of changes to the WLGW ministry, as a result. It’s scary and it’s super exciting, but I’m committed to a ‘pace of grace’.

How about you? Are you moving too fast (or too slow)? I love hearing your thoughts and praying in agreement with you.

This topic—the pace of grace—will be our conversation this Saturday on our Seek Him Saturday Call. We’re going to take a deep-dive in Luke 10:41-42 and study the pace of our lives, especially as it relates to our health. If you like what I share and want more of it every week—up close and personal, consider joining us as a Weight Loss, God’s Way member. It’s just one of the many benefits of being a member, in addition to monthly topics and devotions.

Rest in His Pace,



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