The Principle of Progressive Weight Loss – Weight Loss, God’s Way

Is it taking too long to reach your goals?

Does it feel like it’s never going to happen for you?

Cathy here from Weight Loss God’s Way, and today I want to talk to you about the principle of progression in the Bible.

There’s a story of, as you might know, the Israelites who marched out of Egypt towards the promised land into the wilderness, and as they were traveling, God promised that they would have victory that He would help them have victory over their enemies. But here’s what he said to them. He told them that it wouldn’t be quick. It would be little by little.

Hear that…  little by little, he says, little by little, I will drive them up before you until you have taken possession of the land until you have increased so that you can take possession of the land.

Why did he talk about little by little ? And he says until you have increased. Why is that because God knows. This is an Exodus 23:30 So I encourage you to go ahead and read it.

We want fast. God knows that if he had given them possession of the land, one, there were wild enemies there that wild animals that are I should say, that probably would have taken them out. There were harsh territories. There were enemies there that they might have not been equipped to fight. Right. So God had to use time to build them up, to strengthen them, to prepare them to help them get ready for what he wanted to give them. Isn’t that a powerful principle and I want you to think about that. In your own health journey. Yes, you want to lose weight now.

But are you ready? Right, what would happen if God gave you that body right now that you’re you’ve been praying for that you’ve been working so hard for and frustrating yourself for? Would you be able to maintain it?

Would you give God the glory?

Would you get a little bit conceited?

Would you take all the credit for all your hard work and your your new diet that you did and all that you learned?

Would you still have the humility that you have now as you cry out to God?

See all of these things is what God is concerned about strengthening in us. We want results quick, but God’s purpose in us is to develop holiness is develop righteousness to prune away those things that keep us from having a relationship with him. So think about your health goals. And ask yourself do you want it too quick and is the quickness of it going to sabotage you or will you surrender to him and give him the time and the patience that this health journey requires so go deeper? See it beyond just losing weight and look at your relationship with God and how that is being developed?

As you do that? You’re gonna see that the results will come quicker than you hope for when you really entrust this journey to God.

So if you’re blessed by what I’m sharing, go ahead and hit subscribe and just stay tuned for my next post.

God bless you.



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