Top 3 Predictors of your Weight Loss Success

Understandably, I’ve talked to a higher number of people than usual over the past few weeks-motivation and will-power runs high in January. With each conversation, I can usually predict within the first few minutes whether or not someone will be successful in reaching their goals. Unfortunately, the odds of readiness are low.

There are surefire signs to tell if you’re really ready and committed this year. Take my little acid test and see how you do.

1. Are you willing to pay the price?
Healthy foods, exercise clothing, gym memberships, exercise equipment, and personal training will cost you. Getting results will cost you financially; it is never free. Think of the money you’ve invested in your gadgets and toys, clothes, purses, nails and hair-all these things cost you. Also, getting results will require an investment of time and energy. You may need to wake up earlier or give up some activities you are currently engaging in (some TV time). If someone is not willing to spend any money on their health or sacrifice any of their time, then they’re not ready.

2. Can you be honest with yourself?
Our human nature is to overestimate our accomplishments and underestimate our shortcomings. However, it is critical that you tell yourself the truth, even if it’s painful. If you’re lazy, call it for what it is. If you procrastinate, call it for what it is. If you’re greedy or gluttonous, call it for what it is. Until you’re able to get real with what your challenges and struggles are, you will continue to frustrate yourself. I’ve talked to people who are 200+ pounds and they say they don’t eat that much and they exercise a lot-really? It’s time to get real in 2014.

3. Are you willing to change the way you think?
People who are successful are always ready to try something different if they see if can produce results. They understand that it will take a different skill set than the same old tired one they have been trying and failing at year after year. Are you open to different advice or do you just want another meal plan and an exercise program even though you know that you’ve tried it before and it did not work.

It will also require that you let go of some of the feelings, beliefs, and emotions you associate with exercise, your health, your body, and even food, and be open to a new way of thinking about all these factors. Get ready to let go of your old way of exercising, eating, thinking, and even what you think your success should look like. Once you are open to change, you will be pleasantly surprised at what shows up in your life.

If you were able to answer ‘yes’ to all these questions , then I believe you’re serious and ready to take┬ácharge of your health.

I wish you health and success this year and always.

Until Next Week,




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