Weight Loss Lessons from the Book of Daniel

Trying to lose weight? Consistency and discipline are important keys to helping you reach your goal. Learn from the story of Daniel how focus, consistency and discipline are crucial to reaching your goals. 

It still amazes me how easy it is to get off track with your health goals. I was on a great roll with recording my food. I was Keep on goingconsistently using and finally got serious about keeping my carbs. in check (that’s my ‘weakness’). Then I went to Antigua for 4 days last week where the internet was not so great and that’s all it took for me to ‘fall off the wagon’.  Although I started tracking again,  I still have not gotten back into doing it consistently.

Does this ever happen to you? Maybe food tracking is not your thing. Maybe it’s developing consistency with your exercise program, or not eating after a certain hour. You’re going along great, then ‘life’ throws you a curve ball,maybe it’s a death in the family, a vacation or you get sick,  but the next thing you know, what seemed like a sure thing, feels like a distant memory. It can be very frustrating to say the least.

There’s a very short but powerful sentence in the book of Daniel that offers us some great advice and perspective on how to maintain your focus when life throws you a curve ball. Most of us would never pick up on this scripture but once you go deeper, you’ll see how powerful it is:

And Daniel continued even to the first year of King Cyrus. Daniel 1:21

And Daniel continued…. Daniel was one of the first Jewish captives taken into Babylon and he lived to see the end of their captivity. He lived to see the promises of Isaiah and Jeremiah fulfilled, which spoke about the exiles returning to their home in Jerusalem in the first year of King Cyrus 70 years after his captivity.

Daniel continued…He maintained his religion, customs and even his diet for 70 years in a foreign land.

Daniel continued…He obeyed all of God’s laws, made up his mind not to defile himself despite all the pressures around him to conform and compromise.

How did Daniel survive all those years in a foreign land?  He prayed for God’s help and maintained his integrity.

We can learn so much from Daniel. When we experience change, we can feel so lost, but like Daniel, we can pray for God’s help each and every day and God will help us in our times of need.

Like Daniel, purpose in your heart to never quit because you know how difficult it is to restart. The best way to maintain momentum is to never stop.  It may difficult for you to start, but once you do, you will gain momentum that will propel you to keep going. The next time you think of quitting or throwing in the towel, remember all of the wonderful momentum you’ve already gained and remember how much you will regret your decision to quit.

Let’s try to model our health like Daniel did, and CONTINUE, regardless of the circumstances.

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