What do Oprah and Samson Have in Common?

If powerhouses like Oprah and Samson can’t control their appetites, then what chance do we have?


Some mornings my devotions are so powerful. I love how God shows us some of our personality traits in the colorful bible characters.

The other morning, I was reading about Samson Judges 13-16) I learned that great strength in one area does of your life does not necessarily make up for great weaknesses in other areas.

His story reminded me of the cover of one of the tabloid magazines I perused was while standing in line at the checkout counter. It said ‘Oprah 200 lbs- “How Could I Let this Happen Again.’”

No doubt, we can all empathize with Oprah’s plight—you’re doing so well—it seems like you’ve finally kicked this weigh thing ( or other issue) and then BAM-you start again on that all too familiar slippery slope and the next thing you know it you’ve sabotaged yourself again. It seems like victory will never be yours.

Like Samson, you would think that Oprah would be the least likely person to fail. Samson was dedicated to God from birth; possessed incredible strength and had amazing parents.

Oprah has personal chefs; personal assistants and personal trainers at her disposal 24 hours a day. If anyone should be able keep weight off it should be Oprah. Yet both of these giants were( are) not able to move past their appetites.

So the question becomes, “what are us mere mortals to do?” If these powerhouses can’t control their flesh, then what chance do we have?

That’s the point, – WE DON’T STAND A CHANCE- against our appetites and sensual desires. We really are powerless to change ourselves. God wants us to draw our strength from Him and not in just one or two areas of our life but in every single area– Especially the areas that seem impossible.

Stop believing that if only you could afford a personal trainer or if only you had the time to make the right foods then you would lose weight.

It’s not about trying harder it’s about giving God full reign in our lives. With His guidance, an organized plan and some accountability you can have success forever!

Samson played by his own rules. He violated many of God’s laws, he was controlled by his flesh and he confided in the wrong people. Do you see any of these traits in yourself?

It’s never too late to start over. Learn from Samson ( and Oprah) and submit your weight release to God in 2009. He can handle it.

I implore you to change the way you approach your weight release this coming year. I want to help…

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Enjoy the free gift and gain victory in 2009.

To Your Success,


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