What’s your Theme Song?

Each year I strive to focus on growth in one area specific of my life. Given the economic and political climate, my theme for 2009 will be contentment.

There’s a great scene in one of the Disney movies… I think it’s ‘The Emperor’s New Grove’. One of the main characters Kronk is about to do some dastardly deed but just before he does it, he begins to sing his own theme song that he’s made up for himself. It’s hilarious.

I don’t have a theme song ( yet) but I do have a theme that I create around my business, personal life, spiritual life and relationships each year. For 2009, my theme will be CONTENTMENT.

As I develop my goals over the next couple of weeks, one of the underlying themes and goals will be to develop my spirit of contentment.

I want the spirit of contentment to be reflected in:

  • my health –as I appreciate my body, my health and my ability to live with vigor.
  • my business– as I value my clients and give thanks that I am doing what I love
  • my friendships– as I give thanks that I am blessed with the gift of friends
  • my faith –as I see everyday as a gift from God and seek to please Him everyday.

Have to started thinking about your goals yet? Let’s work on them together.

Be Blessed,


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