When Will you End Your Cycle of Stopping and Starting Your Weight Loss Program?

I don’t know how else to tell my client, Lisa (name changed) to stop joining Dr. Bernstein (a very high protein, low carbohydrate, calorie restricted diet supplemented by Vitamin B injections administered in your buttocks)

She has done it so many times and knows the routine better than a hamster on a wheel. It looks like this: Invest thousands of dollars in the program, followed their nutritionally deficient plan, be cranky and moody at everyone, lose a ton of weight, feel great, experience a life event (whether joyful or tumultuous) eat to celebrate or ‘feel better’, gradually put the weight back on, eventually gaining more weight than she started with; then consider joining Dr. Bernstein again.

This will be her fourth kick at the can and yet she’s willing to do it again knowing what the final outcome will be.

That’s the lure of quick fix diet and exercise programs. It’s like gambling. We really believe that this time will be different… this time we’ll beat the odds. Except, like the lottery or the casino, the odds at any quick fix are never in our favour. You may know someone who kept the weight off but they are the exception rather than the rule. Diets and quick fix solutions simply don’t work!

So what’s that thing that YOU keep doing over and over again in the hopes that this time it will work? Are you on a new diet or do you go on an expensive trip to the health food store to kick-start your health; or did you start another 30 day fitness program. Nothing wrong with any of these great initiatives but you’ve probably done them before and they did not work so what makes you think they will work this time. What’s going to be different?

Until you face some hard facts you’re going to be back at this same place again in the near future. After working with clients for almost 25 years, I’ve learned that their weight challenges are merely a symptom of a deeper issue. So here’s my advice to you:

1. Get to the Root– You must begin to understand why you do what you do and take the time to get to the root of the matter. This will take some time and work but the way you’ve been doing it has not been working anyway, so why not try something new? What is thatbelief that you’ve held about yourself for most of your life? Not good enough? Failure? Too shy? Too loud? Uppity? At the root of what keeps us stuck is some faulty belief about ourselves. One small way to start is to begin today to write down what you were thinking, feeling, saying, doing prior to your ‘slip-up’. What circumstances led to you sabotaging yourself?

2. Break the Cycle – Understand that you’ve been stuck in this cycle for so long that you’ve actually become addicted to this state of disappointment and failure. As much as you despise it, its familiar to you and we always revert back to what we know. One suggestion to break this cycle is to start with small wins: write down 3 things that you will do today or tomorrow that you know you will be successful at.

Many of us set ourselves up for disappointment by creating unrealistic expectations for ourselves. ” Tomorrow I’m going to wake up at 5:00 am and run for 1 hour, then I’m going to have fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch and dinner,” when you haven’t exercised or seen veggies in over a year. How about starting with drinking 1 glass of water per day, eating 1 piece of fruit or even saying something complimentary to yourself or someone else. Like a muscle, small consistent actions make you stronger as you perform them regularly.

3. Develop a systemized plan. You will need to develop a systemized plan that involvesgoal setting, accountability, healthy eating, regular exercise and learning how to replace familiar unproductive behaviours with new healthy ones.

Many of us know what to do but we have a difficult time CONSISTENTLY executing our plan. Begin with setting clear concise goals and then with the help of an accountability partner, commit to doing 1-2 small things to change each and every day.

I’m sure you’re tired of the starting and stopping cycle – it’s time to break it today! What is that one thing that you want to commit to breaking? Track it, replace it and then work on it daily-religiously.

Lisa is not there yet but she is starting to understand what is at the root of what keeps her stuck. Prayerfully, one day she will ‘get it’





P.S. If you’re tired of staring and stopping your weight loss program and are really ready to try my step-by-step  system then check out one of my free webinars to learn how.



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