Why Should I Eat a Low Carbohydrate Diet?


The low-carb. craze is too big to ignore. If you’re anything like me, you’ve said things like:
‘I could never give up my bread’ or ‘I would not be able to function without my carbs’ yet after only 10 days on my low- carbohydrate eating, I’m down almost 10 pounds and I can’t ever imagine going back to the belly-swelling, energy-zapping way of eating that I was so accustomed to. As I started to do some basic research, here’s what I’ve learned so far about why you should consume a low carbohydrate diet.
1.Grains can rob the body of essential nutrients
Grains (and legumes) have high content of a substance called phytic acid which when consumed in high amounts, block the absorption of certain nutrients (such as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium).
2. Carbohydrates are addictive
Gluten is a protein composite found in grains like wheat, barley, spelt and rye. There are some studies that suggest that gluten (the glue like substance that gives bread that gooey consistency) has addictive properties. So if you’ve ever said a statement like “I could never give up bread,” know that you’re not crazy and it’s not totally your fault. The more carbs. you eat the more you will crave. Reducing the gluten rich foods from your diet will reduce your cravings for more of these starchy foods.
3. You feel more satisfied

Low carbohydrate diets leave you feeling more satisfied. When you lower your carbohydrate content and increase your protein and fat content. Studies indicate that increasing your protein intake can increase fat burning and reduce hunger, which leads to weight loss. Protein also leaves you feeling more satisfied than eating carbohydrates which leads to reduced hunger – source:
4. You don’t have to count calories
One of the benefits of a low carb diet is that you don’t have to worry about counting calories. As long as you keep your carbohydrate intake low (I recommend below 100 grams per day but that’s for another post) then you can eat as much as you desire. However, you usually feel so satisfied by the foods that you’re eating that you tend not to over eat anyway.


5. Lose weight in your abdominal area
Studies show that diets high in carbohydrates contribute to increased belly fat (visceral fat). This fat is most dangerous because it accumulates around your organs which contributes to diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. Low carbohydrate diets appear to have the biggest impact on decreasing belly fat compared to other types of diets.
Have you ever thought of trying a low carbohydrate diet? Join us this Sunday as we embark on a low carbohydrate 21 Day Challenge. You can learn more about it here.



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