“How Do I Let Go?”

Yesterday one of the members in Haven asked me a question that I’ve struggled with for many years. Maybe you’ve asked yourself that same question.

“How do I let go?”

Here’s the scenario: You know that you should submit your health journey (and all other areas of your life, for that matter) to God. But every time you try, you keep taking matters back into your own hands. You lay your habits at the altar. You lay your food, your attitude, and your will at the altar, only to find yourself continually taking them back. You keep finding yourself taking back control.

I once heard bible teacher, Charles Swindoll say, “The problem with a living sacrifice, is that it keeps crawling off the altar.” Ain’t that the truth!

First of all, start by realizing that you’re asking yourself the wrong question. Asking ‘how do you let go’ is the very question that will keep you holding on. Stay with me for a minute here and I promise you it will make sense soon enough.

You see, asking ‘HOW’ requires that you ‘DO’ something. Asking ‘HOW’ keeps you trying to control situations. And, it’s all the ‘DOING’ that keeps us overwhelmed, overweight, and overworked.

We don’t need to DO anymore, including learning HOW to let go. Asking this is actually producing more anxiety in your body, which will lead to more weight gain!

Learning to ‘let go’ is not a ‘DO’ state—it’s a ‘BE’ state.
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth ” Psalm 46:10

This psalm teaches us that ‘letting go’ is not a new action that we adopt or a new set of rules that we need to add-on to our already overanxious mind, but rather as a posture that we take on—a posture of stillness, peace, trust, and presence.

To just ‘BE’ means that you’re not worrying about the past—reminding yourself of all of your past mistakes, failures, and shortcomings. This only produces shame and doubt.

It means you’re not worrying about the future—whether or not you’ll be able to maintain your results; whether you’ll put the weight back on; or whether you’ll become too vain or obsessed with your healthier body. This keeps you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

‘BEING’ requires that right now, wherever you are, you are aware of God’s presence. You’re aware that this present moment is a beautiful gift. The heart you feeling beating in your chest right now is a precious reminder of God’s undeniable, everlasting love for you.

‘BEING’ requires that you cease striving, doing, contemplating, coercing, convincing, conniving, rationalizing, fault-finding, and list-making and be still. When you are in this sacred place you don’t have to worry about how to ‘let go’.

Sadly, most of us are unable to be still for very long. Of course we want God’s presence, but … And it’s the ‘but’ that will continue to keep you living in doubt, anxiety, and overwhelmed.

It’s not your fault.  that you’ve developed some of these feelings which created learned habits that keep you in this crazy cycle. A lot of them developed  in your childhood.

But now that you’re an adult, it’s time to take responsibility and learn how to move past these feelings that continue to get in your way.

It’s time to start moving into your God-given power! It’s time to stop asking, ‘how to let go’ and understand, ‘why you’re not letting go.’ It’s time to start living in the solution by changing the communication style that you have with yourself:

  • Receive everything that comes your way as a gift instead of a problem designed to stop you
  • See exercise as a form of worship, not punishment
  • See setbacks as setups for comebacks
  • See life as a privilege
  • See everything that happens to you as an opportunity to grow and be challenged, and not as a problem or catastropy. Stop being so dramatic!

The more you cease striving and ‘be still’, the more you will begin to see life from God’s perspective.

As you become still, the habits of being overwhelmed and living in anxiety will begin to lessen. Not because of any magic tricks on God’s part. No, you will begin to hear the sweet Holy Spirit leading you away from overpromising, overscheduling, and overcommitting. He will teach you how to say, ‘no’.

And that, my friend, is how you  ‘let go.’

To Your Success,





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