Making Healthy, Holy Choices at Christmas

Scripture Reflection

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

Merry Christmas!!

One way that you can continue to make it merry is with your daily decisions. I’ve heard that people make about 120 decisions each day. Throw the Christmas season into the mix and you could probably double that statistic.

Now ask yourself, out of the possible 240 decisions you will make today, how many of them will be life and blessings vs death and curses? Put another way, how many of those decisions will bring glory to God instead of gratifying your flesh? Look specifically at decisions that pertain to your health and ask yourself that question.

As often as you can, when making decisions about your health, always think about what will bring glory to God.

Often, during stressful seasons such as Christmas time, we make decisions that are based on past traditions. We revert back to what we’ve always done although we know it’s not in our best interest.

Don’t let the Christmas Holidays sabotage all of your hard work. Keep focused on your goals despite all of the additional temptations. 

Before you make another decision about what you eat today, ask yourself whether your choice will produce life or death in your body. I can promise you that you will never regret making healthy decisions such as adding some activity into your day, drinking more water, or eating more vegetables.

Starting today, ask yourself if the foods you are consuming help you lose weight or gain weight? Healthy food choices such as fruits and vegetables produce life for your body and your cells, whereas, processed and sugary foods produce death for your cells and your body.

Over the Christmas holidays:

  • Keep your eyes fixed on your goal and don’t allow yourself to get caught-up the Christmas indulgences.
  • Sample some of the special Christmas food, but know which foods you must stay away from.
  • Pray for the spirit of self-control.
  • Begin to put your health plan in place for the coming year.
  • Make sure you have accountability and let this person know what your boundaries are during the Christmas season. Consider sending them a daily progress report.
  • See your health and food from a kingdom perspective. If you can’t take authority over a piece of cheesecake, how will you take authority over the enemy!

Have a Merry Christmas as you make good food choices throughout the holidays and always.

Share what boundaries you will put into place over the Christmas season in the comment section below.

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Ena G
Ena G
4 years ago

Drink 64oz of water daily
IF 7PM – 7AM
Pray for a spirit of self-control
Be selective – choose foods I like best. I don’t have to eat some of everything!
Save calories for the special meal of the day.
Get exercise – walk, treadmill, water aerobics

Cynthia Ifenchor
Cynthia Ifenchor
4 years ago

Hmmmmm…this is definitely not difficult.😭😭😭
This is like fasting from some foods.
I just finished one yesterday.
I will pray about Fasting from processed foods.
Lord, help me!💃🙏

4 years ago

Thank you for these great tips for this holiday season Amen