Success Spotlight ~ Jen W.

Food was a reliable source of comfort from the time I was a very young child. It helped me through many painful experiences and challenges. Feeling ugly and fat, I went on my first diet in 6th grade. This began a 35-year struggle with dieting, weight, and the stronghold of emotional eating.

All those years of turning to food for any and every emotion translates to missing many opportunities to grow emotionally, connect with others, and learn to trust God with my problems. My weight eventually reached 180 but because I grew up in a ballet environment where my peers were stick-thin, this weight looked like 280 in the mirror in my mind.

I have had weight loss success before this program through other Christian programs, but my weight still bounced around like a ping pong ball. I never learned how to maintain my weight because my eating habits were still very compulsive and unhealthy. Although my weight wasn’t as high as in the past, I gained and lost 15 pounds regularly.

I dreaded getting ready to leave the house. I struggled with finding clothes to wear each day. Getting dressed was so stressful because I never knew what would fit or whether it would hide my bloat. I hated how I looked and felt. This led to depression and hopelessness.

I felt very alone in the struggle with my eating and body image. Although I shared with others and received much prayer, it didn’t seem to break the stronghold or the isolation I felt. I was in total bondage to certain foods and either feared I would overeat or hid my excessive eating. I felt hungover the day after indulging. It felt like food and my cravings controlled me, but ironically, food was also still my escape and how I coped with life. Even though I tried for years to turn it over to God, I never really understood how to renew my mind or have lasting change.

My husband has been an amazing support to me and has prayed for me for years to gain freedom. I believe Weight Loss, God’s Way is the answer to his prayers.

I began WLGW at the end of November 2018. I reached my goal weight and released close to 20 pounds during this time. Since joining, I am growing in my ability to love, listen, and serve. I feel more present in each moment and have a new zeal for living and learning. My emotional strength is growing, as is my confidence, and I can be used by God, serve Him well, and finish the race He has set for me.

I am no longer in ‘survival mode’ each day. Contentment and peace are penetrating my heart and mind. My relationship with God has been renewed and is blossoming. Now I turn to Him often throughout the day just like I did as a new believer and enjoy Him so much! It is as if life was greyscaled and now I am living in vivid color.

There are still hard times and temptations, and I have tripped from time to time. However, when I do, I turn to my accountability partners and ask for prayer. I learn from my mistakes and they no longer define me. Roots of shame are being confronted so I can experience true healing through Christ.

I love the structure and support in Weight Loss, God’s Way. The teaching is wonderful. Both the lessons and Cathy’s words in the Saturday calls and Facebook Live videos are just what I need and convict without condemnation. Cathy speaks the truth in a gentle, humble way, but she is still strong and direct. I feel like she understands my struggles and the nature of this struggle. She also has practical tools for overcoming.

The format of the program works well for me: the courses, the lessons, the structure, the feedback, and the reinforcement. I like being able to encourage and pray for others, track my progress, review lessons, and read posts. The website is engaging and motivating. It is practical and helpful, and it is a great way to connect with others. The members are so uplifting, encouraging, and prayerful.

If I were to share with others in this program, I would advise them to reach out when they are struggling; have accountability partners and regularly pray for each other. Don’t try to do this alone.

Another piece that has made the difference for me is actually doing the work: print the sheets, fill them out, do the journaling, and do the assignments. The more I do, the more I grow. Many verses have been helping me. The verse that currently speaks to me is Exodus 23:30, “Little by little I will drive them out before you until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.” It reminds me this process takes time and I can’t do it overnight.

I enrolled for a year so I can continue to grow and gain victory and be strengthened by the courses offered and the support of the program. I want to stay at my goal weight and have permanent change, not just return to old habits and patterns (and weight gain). I am becoming a vessel fit for the Master’s use, both inside and out.

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Geraldine Viglas
Geraldine Viglas
4 years ago

This was such an encouraging testimony, Jen!!! Wow! So proud of you! Good job and hard work! You expressed the struggle incredibly well and i can hear the gratefulness to WLGW. Congrats, WLGW sister!!!

Andrea Wilson
Andrea Wilson
4 years ago

Congratulations Jen I am very proud of you. Your testimony speaks to my heart. I have been in a struggle this last month and well it’s time to pick myself up and continue towards my goal. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank YOu!

4 years ago

Awesome testimony! I find myself slipping as well. I know I will have to repeat the devotional because journaling is what I didn’t do the entire time. I started with my goal but as always I became inconsistent because I place other things above myself.
Thank you for sharing your story of victory!

Luz Marina Garcia
4 years ago

Congratulations Jen W. I am really very proud of you! Great job! I too am working to reach my weight goal as well. Your testimony encourages me to not give up but continue towards the goal. Thanks 😊