We do it daily and sometimes so frequently that we probably do it unconsciously—multi-tasking. It has become a way of life.

Multi-tasking is essentially the performance of multiple tasks at one time. 

We feel great when we can metaphorically kill two birds with one stone in our multi-tasking daily existence. But there is growing evidence ( that multi-tasking actually diminishes our effectiveness and overall success—it does not actually save us time. Multi-tasking makes us less effective as we spend more time correcting our errors. Not to mention the loss of productivity every time your brain shifts back and forth from one activity to the next. 

The same is true in our spiritual lives. SPIRITUAL multi-tasking should send up more flashing red lights for you than a school bus picking up kids. 

How many times have you MULTI-TASKED GOD? 

I used to balance my budget and do other seemingly harmless tasks during my devotional time. I justified it by thinking I paid my tithe first. You’ve probably tried to fit God into your life while doing some other task too. Hang tight. Together we will soon climb out of this icy swampy of despondency. 

Why should we NEVER multi-task God?

God is holy. Holy means separate—distinct unto itself.

Like the childhood game, ‘pick which one item that does not belong with the others’, our devotional time does not belong where we can stack other tasks with it or on top of it. 

BY DEFINITION, God is first—He gets our first time, energies, monies, and everything else.

God refuses to share His glory. So this is the spiritual caution we need when devoting time to God, then attempting to do other things with the same devoted time. When this time is over, we can remain in an attitude of praise, prayer, and thanksgiving throughout the day with God. 

  • Away from other people and other activities, it is God’s grace that meets us at this time. Because of this grace, we experience God’s presence in reading God’s Word, and having the Word of God lead us as we start the day.
  • It is God’s grace through His Word that enables us to prioritize His Word. It is more precious AND more valuable than checking our phones neurotically or any other mundane activity.
  • God’s grace through His Word CAN quiet our mind (not empty it—a new age idea and not biblical) and enables us to concentrate on Him and His plan.

BUT, devotional time isn’t always verbally quiet—reading the Holy Bible aloud, singing songs, praying through lists of family and friend’s requests, national needs, praying for your local church, the persecuted church, and a myriad of other petitions and praises and thanksgivings can make for an engaging time with God. 

The posture, you ask? Kneeling, standing, sitting, pacing the floor, and lying down are a few postures with biblical evidence.

This time is when we get our marching orders, so to speak, from headquarters for the day. Best of all, THE KING OF UNIVERSE wants to talk with us personally (ISAIAH 50:3-5).

Ravi Zacharias, one of my all-time favorite Bible teachers, says,

I would add, let’s not miss God’s presence and power by multi-tasking HIM out of our appointment with HIM. Let’s thoroughly enjoy our ‘HIM TIME.’ Everyone else and everything else can and will wait. 

This does not mean that you should not pray while you’re working out or doing other tasks. After all, we want to take God with us wherever we go. But be cautious not to dilute your sacred time with the Lord by also trying to get other tasks done.

If you’re guilty of trying to squeeze God in or share His time with other activities, today is a new day to begin to break yourself out of this habit. Your time with the Lord will be so much more productive when you do.

by Nicola Simpson

In the comment section below, take time to share if you’ve ever found yourself doing this.
Share what steps you will take to change it. 


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Krystal S
Krystal S
3 years ago

Powerful blog Nicola! All I can say is “ouch”!! I have been guilty of multitasking God! I commit to putting first things first, and prioritizing my quiet time with the Lord, and refusing to do tasks during this holy time.

3 years ago

Nicola, This blog is excellent! I use my phone to read my WLGW course lessons – but then I let it distract me. I am making a new resolve today to ONLY read the lessons! All those other things that I can access on my phone can wait in the background for my time with God!

Donna Vernon
Donna Vernon
3 years ago

You are so inspirational. I love your words on Saturday and I love this blog. This too has been on my mind. It seems I always get a call or a text and I try my best to avoid it. That is why I have been getting up at 5:45 each morning to start my morning Bible study and then do my WLGW. I have had it go past 8 before and I just keep hoping nobody calls or texts. I will ignore the texts, but cannot ignore the calls, depending on who it is because in the next few… Read more »