Recognize and Release Your Resistance

Recognize and Release Your Resistance

What’s stopping you from moving from where you are right now to healthy? Are you busy, tired, feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, overweight, lacking energy, or possibly dealing with one or more health issues?

Not wanting to stay there, maybe 1 or 100 times you’ve made a decision to change your life—deciding to lose weight. You want to feel alive again and to feel joyful and peaceful. Everything within you longs to feel confident or free from the illnesses that plague you. You want to be at a healthy weight. Even more, you want to reconnect with the Holy Spirit and hear God’s voice as He guides you.

Yet every time you try to move from point “a” to point “b,” you hit a roadblock on your journey. It may not be right away, but it always comes—something always happens to sabotage you. In fact, that’s the one thing that you’re sure of—failure.

Sometimes it takes on different forms. But, more often than not, it’s the same familiar pattern to you—a family illness or death; travel plans interrupt; you get overwhelmed with work or lose your job; an injury happens; someone comments on your appearance, and for some reason it causes you to revert back to your old ways. But more often than not, you just sabotage yourself for no good reason at all.

There’s a name for what happens to you as you continually attempt to move from point “a” to point “b.” It’s called resistance.

The problem is most of us are not prepared or properly equipped for the resistance, so we quit. That’s why this journey has been so frustrating for you. You don’t know how to deal with the resistance that comes your way. It’s time to learn what’s been stopping you and how to move it out of your way. It’s time to recognize and release your resistance.

Recognizing Your Resistance 

Resistance shows up in a variety of forms. Here, I’ve categorized them into 3 aspects of our lives—spiritual, physical, and mental. See if you can identify which one of the three areas typically sabotages you. Remember, the enemy knows what resistance you will face. He studies them and will try to use them against you. Your assignment is to learn them even better than him so that you can equip yourself for this journey. 

1.  The Resistance of Faith – Spiritual 

Much of the resistance that we experience in our weight-releasing journey is because of our faith (or lack of it). We know and believe the Word of God and His promises in theory. We may, however, have a difficult time applying it to our individual circumstances. 

So often, I hear women say that they never thought of inviting God into this area of their lives. We put God in a box. We rely on him to heal our sick relative or to pray for our pastor or our country, but to help us lose weight? Not so much. 

We’ve heard the cliché scriptures such as, “With God all things are possible” and “I can do all things through Christ.” We have a hard time though believing it for ourselves and applying it to all areas of our lives.  

When we’re stuck, if we have varying degrees of belief/unbelief, it will be impossible to move from point “a” to point “b”—at least permanently. You may enjoy periods or seasons of freedom, but without faith, you will always revert back to your old ways of doing things.

If you struggle with a spirit of unbelief, you will have a hard time believing that God cares about your weight. It will be hard to comprehend that He truly wants to help you achieve a healthy weight. You may question God or even fail to spend time with Him because you may be afraid to hear how He wants to speak to you. 

Through Weight Loss, God’s Way, you can begin to understand what has been holding you back from fully trusting God and giving Him full control of your health and your life to help you recognize and release your resistance.

2.  The Resistance of Habit – Physical

Habits are what we repeatedly do every day. If these were modeled for us as children, then we will continue to develop them as adults. Habits are a skill that we develop over time. They come from an internal desire to be our best and have qualities such as discipline, commitment, and passion. When we don’t have healthy habits, we continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

If you’ve struggled to maintain healthy habits for yourself, then your resistance will show up in the form of sabotaging yourself. You may tell yourself that you’re going to eat a particular food and end up eating something completely different, or you may try something for one or two days and then want to quit by day 3. 

3.  The Resistance of Faulty Programming – Mental

Faulty programming refers to wrong mindsets and limiting beliefs about the world that have caused us to see ourselves and the world in a certain way. Most importantly, they affect how we see our heavenly Father. We approach our faith and our actions from this faulty perspective or limiting belief. 

Example: If deep down inside we believe that God is judging, then our faith and actions will be directed to pleasing God. If deep down inside we believe that God is mad at us, we are not worthy of His love, or a host of other wrong beliefs, we can’t go to Him with ALL of our concerns. When our knowledge of God is based on lies, it will keep us from experiencing all God has for us.

This is the big piece that many people experience who are stuck.

Your “stinkin thinkin,” as I also call it, may start to tell you that you’re going to fail. That good health is not for you, or that you should start when the time is better. 

Weight Loss God’s Way has courses dedicate to learning strategies for transformation that will help you to overcome the resistance of faulty programming. This is a process. Give yourself at least six months to a few years. For most of us, faulty programming has taken us a lifetime to develop, so we cannot overcome it in a few weeks.

The interplay of these areas of resistance varies from person to person. For some, it’s possible to have great faith but have poor habits because we have not yet mastered those skills, so you will not be successful. For others, you may have good habits and lack faith—that’s willpower and ego, and our success will be fleeting. Then for others still, you may have a strong faith and good habits, but if you have faulty programming about who God is or who you are in Him, once again, you will not experience a breakthrough.

Can you see which form of resistance has taken you out in the past? For most of us, we may experience glimpses of all three. For today, your action step is to try to recognize the resistance that has held you back and take one deliberate step towards releasing it. We go into this in-depth in our “Breakthrough” course, but if it’s spiritual, start with a prayer asking God to show you the resistance and to help you overcome it.

If it’s physical, make a commitment today to exercise for at least 15 minutes a day. Be as committed to yourself as you are to everyone else in your life. Your health is worth it.

Are you dealing with a wrong mindset? Consider the lies you have been buying into and replace them with God’s truths.

Keep watch for future blogs on overcoming resistance. You truly can recognize and release your resistance. In the meanwhile, take it’s a great time to take a course with Weight Loss God’s Way. Get more information on our website.

 For Your Success,

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Melissa Richey
Melissa Richey
3 years ago

This is just what I needed! I’ve done devotion after devotion to help with losing weight but this has really helped me. Thank you so much!