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I started Weight Loss, God’s Way in April 2017 by first working through the 21-Day Challenge Devotional on the YouVersion app. I had spent the last 15-20 years learning about nutrition, working out in the gym, and running. I lost weight and gotten to my goal, but gained the weight back again. However, God has His timing and His plan. He waited patiently for me to exhaust all of my own plans, ideas, and efforts. Then He gently and firmly leads me in His way—His PERFECT way.

For a year I worked through courses. I attended the Seek Him Saturday calls and participated in the month-end fasts. I was slowly losing weight physically, but more importantly, God was stripping me of weight emotionally and spiritually. Many years of negative self-talk, of a negative self-image, and of fighting in my own strength, were slowly but steadily being changed. But something happened in June 2019.

I still can’t really explain what it was that day. I was on a Seek Him Saturday call that fell on the end-of-the-month fasting day. Something inside of me clicked and gave me an ‘all-in’ determination. I know it was God working in me but I can’t really explain why that day was different.

All of the courses, all of the calls, all of the blogs from Cathy that I had read came together in my mind. Beginning that day, I started being truly honest with myself and also with God. One by one I admitted to Him areas where I was struggling; areas where I couldn’t do it; and areas that I knew I should do something but I really didn’t want to. When I started being honest, God’s power kicked into overdrive.

I had been struggling to lose one pound a month prior to that. Between June and November, I lost 30 pounds. I reached my goal weight a few days after Thanksgiving 2019. Who does that on their own—reaches their goal weight a few days after Thanksgiving? No one! Only God can do that. I will stay a member of Weight Loss God’s Way for a while longer because God isn’t done with me. There are still lessons to learn, still more fears to relinquish and mindsets to change in me.

Here are a few of the truths that I have learned from Cathy:

  • This matters
  • Just for today
  • That area of resistance . . . submit it

I want to encourage you to not give up and don’t worry if the journey seems slow to you. I want to encourage you to trust God in the process and submit to Him. I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself and with God. You will receive so much more than just weight release. You will receive life, life, and more life.

Melanie G.

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Nicola N. Simpson
Nicola N. Simpson
4 years ago

You look wonderful
Keep up the wonderful results
It is so worth it
WLGW looks good.on you