Why We Should Never Worry

As I driving my car, a song played on the radio. I casually listened when a verse struck a chord in my heart, “If He can hold the world, He can hold this moment.”

Think about that for a second. We serve the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. He is the Creator of all things and His Word says He is concerned for us. With that being said, how small are our problems compared to His great strength and love?!

My dear friends, I am here today to encourage you and to share the good news that our God has our backs in every situation.

So no matter what you are going through; no matter the season you are in …

  • The finances are not meeting up compared to the bills
  • The children who are walking opposite of how you raised them
  • The spouse who isn’t fulfilling the marriage covenant as they should
  • The boss and coworker who seem to have it out for you
  • The neighbor who just won’t keep their music down
  • The bully at school picking on your kid
  • The girl at the gym that giggles every time you walk pass
  • The clerk at the store who just refuses to help you
  • The racist guy who made terrible comments to you as you walked pass
  • The ex who just won’t go away
  • The depression that you swear you’ve given over to God but it keeps rearing its head

All of these moments in our lives can consume so much energy, strength, focus, and peace. Rest, my dear friends, by trusting that our God can hold even this moment!

Even the sparrows know that He holds tomorrow. SO HOW MUCH MORE IS HIS LOVE FOR US?!? 

My beautiful friends, take today to give God the moments, and sit back and watch Him move on your behalf. Please watch the video below and hear what the Lord is saying to you. ?

I love you dearly.

Guest blogger and HBD Mentor, Gladys Higgins

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