Why You Should Stop Making To-Do Lists Immediately

This week in our membership group, we’re talking about how to effectively accomplish our goals.

It reminded me of a conversation with my pastor a few years ago where he posed this question to me, “If you can do all things through Christ, what are you doing?” Ouch!!!

I think about this question often as I look at the things I ‘WANT’ to do in life, which are sometimes a far cry from the things that I’m actually doing.

Since that conversation with my pastor, I’ve tested tool after tool, and system after system to help with my focus, productivity, and goal accomplishments.

What I’ve learned is that the systems that we use to get things done are broken systems, so they constantly keep us frustrated and running around like a chicken with our heads cut off trying to get things done and trying to keep it all together. Yet, we keep doing them.

This week we’re going to be talking about simple goal-setting tools that actually work to help you accomplish your weight releasing or other life goals.

I also want to tell you about one tool that does not work—to-do lists !!!


They don’t work because:

  • They’re always too long and overwhelming and often paralyze us instead of motivateus
  • They remind us of all we need to do and create anxiety in our bodies
  • They keep us from focusing on the main goals that we should be accomplishing.

Making lists the length of your arm, and then asking God to bless it is simply an exercise in frustration. It keeps you stuck in a crazy cycle of overwhelm.


Here’s what works:

1.  In prayer, ask God what area of your life he wants you to focus on this year. Choose just one word and ‘work’ that word in partnership with God for the entire year. Mine is simplicity.

2.  In prayer, choose only 3 life goals for the entire year, taking into consideration your word for the year.

3.  Break your goals down into 90 day action steps, then again into monthly, weekly and daily action steps.

4.  Complete these priorities (action steps) before you tend to your other important things of the day.

Initially, this may sound like work, but it will keep you a lot more focused, peaceful, and organized than creating endless to-do lists. We also give you all of the templates to show you how to do this in our membership program.

Realize that God wants to manifest His glory through us, through our purpose and our accomplishments, but we’re often so busy trying to get through our to-do list, that we rarely get our main goals accomplished.

Life is busy and it will continue to be busy. Let’s face it, that’s not going to change. Our daily to-do lists will continue to crowd out our priorities if we do not tend to them first. Learn the difference between priority and important. Lots of things are important, but they are not all priorities.

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of the things on our to-do list are not related to our purpose or our main goal that we want to achieve.

They end up being dream-robbers that are actually keeping us from fulfilling our purpose. Yes, no doubt they are important, but they are not a priority, so stop putting all of your time into them.

If you say exercise is important, then why don’t you ever have time for it? If prayer time is important, then why do you sleep in each morning?

The key is to schedule your priorities first instead of trying to get through your daily to-do list.

Pray for wisdom as you go about your day. Distinguish what’s important from what’s priority. You may be able to do all things, but God will only bless the things he has called you to do. What you’re doing may seem right to you but ask yourself, ‘Is it bringing you the results you desire?’ If not, be open to trying something different.

If you need a step-by-step plan for how to implement this system into your life, register for this month’s Bible study. Preparing for God’s Provision.


In this study you will …

  • Learn how to create your word for the year that will accelerate your weight loss goals and other life goals
  • Learn how to break down your weight loss and other life goals into bite-sized pieces
  • Learn how to plan out your entire year, so you’re not constantly overwhelmed
  • Learn how to work your priorities instead of the always losing focus withyour to-do lists and other things that always come up.


P.S. if you are tired of circling the same mountain over and over and want a Christ-centered approach to lasting weight loss without feeling guilty, deprived, or overwhelmed, be sure to sign up for our video course program right away at



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