10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Make the most out of this great family holiday without getting burnt out by trying to do too much.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is 1 week away here in Canada and I’m putting some plans in place so that I make the most out of this great family holiday without getting burnt out by trying to do too much and planning in advance so that I don’t overeat.

With a bit of planning and preparation you can also enjoy this season without feeling as though you’ve blown all your hard work in one weekend. See if you can put some of these tips into practice:

  1. Relax after your holiday meal but plan to be active rather than sitting on the couch — go for a walk with the family.
  2. Be prepared –spending all day in the kitchen may leave you a little stressed and you may find comfort in food. Try planning some meals in advance and freezing them.
  3. If you’ve been invited out, bring a dish that you know is low calorie and healthy (substitute mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes) its delicious and nutritious!
  4. Drink lots of water- especially before the meal.
  5. Plan to go extra light on breakfast and lunch, but be sure not to skip meals.
  6. Once you’re finished eating, get up from the table and socialize in another part of the house — don’t linger at the table.
  7. Share the joy — allow your guests and family to take home the leftovers, especially the desserts.
  8. Load up on your vegetables and go light on the starches and fried foods.
  9. Schedule extra exercise. Walk and enjoy the fall foliage
  10. Visualize your success! Prepare your mind in advance for how you are going to handle particular social situations.

With a bit of planning you can feel great about holiday eating ! Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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