Are you Satisfied or Just Full?

Learn how to Satisfy your Spiritual and Physical Hunger

I just finished having some soup for lunch. Given the size of the bowl, I should have felt full. And when I really stopped and checked in with my stomach on how I was feeling, I realized that was indeed full. So why did I still want more to eat? Can you identify with this dieting dilemma?

And because I tend to find spiritual truths and applications in many of life’s every-day activities, I suddenly became very conscious of this spiritual application between being full vs. being satisfied. I ‘should’ have stopped eating because I was full but because I did not give my body what it really wanted, it did not feel satisfied and so I continued to eat until that need was fulfilled.( it was craving sweets but that’s another post)

As I examine my life, I see how this truth has often played out in many of my life choices. I shudder when I think about all the things I’ve tried, tasted, experienced, experimented to feel ‘satisfied.’ But like my bowl of soup, they all temporarily filled me but nothing was able to satisfy that hunger that my soul craved.

Just as my body craved a particular nourishment that could only be filled by a certain type of food, so my soul also craved(s) a very specific nourishment that only God can satisfy. It took me a long time to realize this truth but I’m so glad that I did. God promises to satisfy my (and your) soul’s hunger 100% of the time and to date he has always delivered.

If you’re tired of trying to find ways to fill you, distract you, make you feel worthy or make you feel loveable then trust me when I tell you that you will never feel full until you get to know the God that will satisfy you spiritual and physical hunger. Yes, even your physical hunger.

All physical hungers when taken in excess such as over-eating, unhealthy sexual behaviours, addictions etc. all result from our soul crying out to be satisfied; crying out for something more; something that only the love of God can fill.

So whether you have an insatiable hunger for food that has made you overweight and unhealthy or it’s your soul that hungers for something more, I urge you to seek God. Ask Him to satisfy your every need and just as he has done it (and continues to do it) for me, he will do it for you too.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied ( Matt 5:6-N.A.S.)

Praying for your success,


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