Can’t Seem to Make Time for Exercise? Here’s Why

God's voice

“Until your reason to succeed is bigger than your problem(s), you will continue to struggle with your weight.” was the sage advice I’d been given and passed on to my client Sandra during one of our training sessions.

I’m sure she was getting tired of me constantly repeating this line to her but no more tired that I was of listening to all her reasons why she did not have the time to exercise.
“You don’t know my life” she bemoaned. “I wake up at 5:00 am prepare lunches, make breakfast, iron clothes, get the kids organized for school and leave the house for 7:00 am. After work I make dinner, help with homework, do some of my charity work and barely have enough time to talk to my husband let along anything else. Where am I supposed to find time to exercise?”

“What’s your why,” I asked.
“My what?”
“Your why– why is being in good healthy important to you?” Until your ‘why’ is more compelling than the list of the responsibilities that you mentioned, then you will never be able to justify why exercising should take priority in your life and other responsibilities will continue to crowd it out.

If you’re like Sandra and can’t seem to make the time to exercise, ask yourself the same question, what’s your why?
Most of us quickly answer, ‘to be healthy’, ‘to have more energy,’ or ‘to lose some weight.’ Though they are all great reasons, they’re usually not inspiring enough to motivate us to do those things we don’t want to do—like exercise.

Getting to YOUR ‘why’ will be the difference between dreaming about exercising versus actually doing it.
So, what’s your ‘why’? It’s the motivation that will truly inspire you to go after your goal. You’re ‘why’ is the strength that’s going to give you the resolve to say ‘no’ when you’re standing in line at McDonald’s or the grocery checkout looking at the chocolate bars.

It’s the driving force that will inspire you wake up and go to the gym when your body would rather stay curled up under the warm blanket on the cold winter morning.

It’s the factor that will have you stop what you’re doing and go to bed to get a good night sleep so you can be rested and alert for the next day. What’s your why?

It’s different for everyone so follow your these guidelines to help you determine yours. Understanding it will make all the difference.

1. It will surpass a temporal goal (people who’ve lost weight for a wedding usually put it back on after)
2. It will be part of your value system
3. It will be something that you’ve thought of/dreamed about/ been moving towards all your life
4. It will exhilarates you yet frighten you at the same time
5. It puts a smile on your face when you think of it
6. It is part of your life’s purpose
So with these guidelines in mind, get to work on determining your why.
Remember, until ‘why’ is bigger than your problem then you will continue to struggle to reach your health goal.

By the way, here’s my ‘why’…

“I live a healthy life so I can have a fulfilling career, inspire others and feel confident and energetic for as long as I can.”

I would love to hear some of your ‘why’s’. Please share below…..



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