Hate Exercise? Here are 10 Simple Tips to Start Exercising 

Its taken me many years to get to this point where exercise is a daily habit for me. Less than one year ago, it was still hit and miss.  Finally, after making a few adjustments, I can finally say that exercise is now a daily habit for me. Do you wish that exercise could become as natural to you as brushing your teeth or taking a shower everyday? You can by learning some secrets that motivated people use. Read on and find out how.

Choose an activity you will enjoy – You’re much more likely to stick to an activity that you enjoy and is appropriate for your lifestyle. Think of some non-conventional activities like dancing. I enjoy running so it has become part of my daily routine.

Keep it Simple – When people make up their minds to start exercising, they choose a goal like, ‘I’m going to start exercising for 30 minutes everyday’. The problem is, the goal is too difficult and people get frustrated and quit after a short period of time. Start walking and gradually build up to a jog when your body gets stronger.

It’s not ‘all or nothing’ – Many people think that they have to workout everyday for 1 hour to get results. Instead of thinking this way, think about small little things you can do each day to move more. Where can you walk to? What can you do standing instead of sitting down? I used to get so frustrated with myself when I missed a run. Now I simply climb up and down the stairs in my house of go for a walk around the block if I don’t have the time to go to the gym.

Make exercise fun – Read, listen to music or watch TV, make it a family affair or try a new activity such as dancing, hiking or simply walking through the mall. Make a list of all the fun things you like to do and see how you can incorporate exercise into them.

Make an appointment with yourself – put it right in your day-timer and treat it just as importantly as your other appointments. When life gets busy, exercise is the first thing that people will blow off their schedules. As I plan my day, I look for where in my schedule I can block off time to exercise. It’s as important as any other meeting I may have in the day.

Hire a Trainer –  This will get you the results you want. On their own, many people get frustrated and quit. A trainer will give you the additional motivation and push you need to get the job done. Even though I’m a trainer, I still use a personal trainer every once in a while to help keep me current, motivated and re-focused.

Consider on-line training to track your progress – It will help you establish accountability and keep you motivated. There are great tools now like the Fitbit which will help track your daily steps and activity. My goal each day is to complete 10,000 steps. This has been the biggest motivator for me in improving my fitness level. These tools can make exercise fun and connect you with a community of other people all working towards similar goals.

Get connected – What are the rest of your friends like? Chances are if they’re active, you will also be active and if they don’t exercise then you will also be a couch potato like them. If this is the case, think of some ways to connect yourself with the fitness community. Join a gym, take a fitness class at a local community centre; join an on-line Facebook group. I love our Haven program because it keeps me connects with like-minded healthy Christian women like me.

Make it routine – If you can exercise at the same time everyday then it will be easier to stick to. Try exercising the first thing everyday before you start your day and it will increase the likelihood of it getting done.

Get a workout buddy – Exercising with someone else can make exercise  more fun and help you stick to your goals. Is there anyone in your life who would make a good accountability partner? Give them a call today! I have a running buddy who I sometimes run with; we are able to motivated each other, especially when one of us does not feel like exercising.

Remember there is no one way to get in shape and it might take you a while to get consistent but if you make a commitment to yourself to keep at it then you will eventually get there.  The important thing is to never give up and keep at it.

Make it a fun and fit day!


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Kimberley Payne

I agree with all you’ve written here Cathy! Excellent post.