10 Phrases and Words to Never Say if You Want to Lose Weight

10 Phrases and Words to Never Say if you Want to Lose Weight

Do you believe that your speech can impact your weight loss?

Read on to learn the power of your words and how they can sabotage your weight loss efforts. This is part two of the post I wrote last week on the power of your words.

If your goal is to lose weight, here are 10 phrases to eliminate from your vocabulary:

  1. “It’s hard”. People often say exercise is hard; that making time for your health is hard. It’s not hard, it’s just new for you. But as you continue to tell yourself it’s hard, your mind will come into agreement with your words and it will continue to get harder and harder for you.
  2. “I know”. People often say ‘I know’. But the essence of truly knowing something is to do it. Until you do it, you don’t really know.
  3. “But”. Every time we say ‘ but’ we cancel out everything before the ‘but’. When I tell someone to exercise for just 10 minutes a day I would hear, “I would love to exercise ‘but’ you don’t know how how hectic my schedule is.” Essentially this means, I really don’t want to exercise.
  4.  “I should”, “I want to”, “I must”, “I have to”, “I wish”. These are all future tense words that keep you procrastinating and making excuses. They only keep you stuck in the cycle.
  5. “I’ll try”. This is another non-committal. Use proactive, definite words that your mind will get excited about and find creative ways of obliging you—use words like, “I commit to” and “I choose to”.
  6. “I’ll start tomorrow or Monday”. The best time to start is now. Deferring your goal intensifies the perceived pain.
  7. “I don’t know”. This phrase is equally as bad as “I know”. It prevents you from thinking or taking action. If I ask someone when do they plan on exercising and they respond, “I don’t know”, it’s a clear indication that they are not committed to their fitness program.
  8. “I can’t”. People often will say, “I can’t even”, before they’ve tried. A more appropriate response is, “I will do my best”.
  9. “I hate”. Clients say to me, “I hate cardio” or “I hate working my abs”. The word hate has strong emotion tied to it, and like other words, when you say it enough it will become part of your subconscious mind which is beyond powerful. Instead focus on the benefit of the activity you dislike.
  10. “I don’t have the time”. This phrase is never the real issue. People who say they don’t have the time have not made exercise a priority yet. You give your time to what you deem as important. If you are ready to get in shape then you will make time.

Your words precede action, so if you’re really ready to make a change in your health, then it’s time to get present to these words that you use and start to eliminate them from your speech.

If you’re looking for a systematic approach to help you change the way you speak then check out Weight Loss, God’s Way.

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