Emotional Eating

emotional eating

Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions.

…do not give the devil a foothold~Ephesians 4:26-27

It’s day 5 of my cleanse and I think my emotions are being cleansed more than my body so far.

I’m grateful for my deeper insights into my emotional eating.

On Friday I was not hungry but wanted to eat because I need a ‘I made it through another busy week-yeah for me!’ treat. On Saturday, I was not hungry but I needed a ‘It’s the weekend baby- let’s celebrate!’ treat and today, Sunday, I was craving a ‘it’s Sunday –kick back,relax and indulge’ treat.

I never actually experienced hunger on any of these days but my emotions were screaming at me loudly.

Thank goodness for the Isagenix chocolates. They really helped, especially with some almonds. I even considered melting the chocolate and dipping them in but I did not have the patience for that.

So I’m going back to my own teachings on Emotional Eating to help me. Here’s what I wrote some time ago.

‘Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. A study in Psychosomatic Medicine showed that people over-eat in order to self-medicate their feelings of stress or anxiety.(1) People find it almost impossible to manage their food cravings even with the threat of potentially life-threatening risks. ‘

So, my homework for this week is to plan for my emotional swings that will be coming again next weekend. They come every week but I usually feed them.

Tomorrow is a cleanse day which means no shakes and no meal. I’ll keep you posted.


P.S. Here’s a bit more info. on emotions and food cravings.

Did you know that different emotions trigger different food cravings?

Emotions and Feeling Food Cravings
Tense, tired, angry, out of control Chips, cookies, chocolate, popcorn, tea, caffeine
Frustration, anxiety, out of control, helpless Potatoes, wine, carbs.
Sadness, Loneliness, drained, tired, sluggish Chocolate, sugary foods, ice cream, cookies, muffins, wine
Boredom, unmotivated, idleness Wine, coffee, chips, toast and tea, chocolate, popcorn

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