Feeling Stuck? Practice Saying These TWO Words

I did a ‘Facebook Live’ on this topic recently. If you missed it, you can listen to it below . . .

It’s easy to get into the mindset of thinking our day-to-day choices don’t matter. It’s easy to keep saying “I’ll start again on Monday.” But the truth is, IT DOES MATTER! YOU MATTER!

In Exodus 23:30, we are told about the PROCESS of defeating our enemies little by little! We must stop compromising and gain ground with every choice.

During the chat, I shared two words that I started using that are able to snap me out of my hypnotic frantic pace and bring me back into the presence of the Holy Spirit so that I can refocus on my vision and my goals.

These two words are THIS MATTERS. 

Listen to this Facebook chat to learn the power of these two words on your weight loss journey. Start incorporating these words into your daily routine right away.

I pray they are a blessing to you.

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Virginia N
Virginia N

I really needed to adjust my attitude today. Thanks Cathy!

Melissa W
Melissa W

Thank you Cathy!! This is exactly what I needed to hear today! It was very eye opening to me. I believe this is a big reason I have been stuck the last few months. I have fallen back into my old habit of thinking to myself that this bite doesn’t really matter or I can exercise later and it won’t really matter. I have to remain present and remember it all matters!!

Suzie T
Suzie T

Oh Cathy thank you so much!
I’m not on Facebook but I listened to the recording today and it was awesome!
How true do I just have little bits of naughties and think they don’t matter!
They do matter!!!!
My new mantra
God bless you???

Nicole M
Nicole M

I enjoyed the Facebook live which unfortunately I was not a part. It did help to be able to listen to those 2 words: This Matters. I have been happy with the way I have been handling things but at times those little temptations come to surface. For example, my boyfriend who always wants to make fruity alcoholic drinks on weekends which he knows I love. I keep telling him don’t bring it but he does, & he tells me its just one drink & it doesn’t hurt. It may not hurt depending on what else I have ingested through… Read more »

Marian C
Marian C

I decided I would skip my 15 minute walk this morning
Then I heard IT MATTERS!. So my is still on for today
Thank you so much Cathy