Get Back to the Basics of Weight Loss

Basics Make the Difference

The other day, I was reading about one of the greatest basketball legends and sports motivational speakers, John Wooden.

One of his former players recalls the first practice with his new coach. He’s ready, excited and eager to learn all that his new coach has to teach him and his fellow teammates. Coach Wooden, however, has other things in mind for these young hopefuls first practice.

To the players shock and dismay, Coach Wooden spent the entire first practice teaching the men how to put on their socks and shoes!

Say what!?

“We’re top players! We don’t need this!”

But learning to tie their shoes properly meant that his players would never get a blister which would keep them from playing. As simple and as trivial as it seemed, it could be the difference between winning and losing. What if a star player had to be benched because of a blister?

Master What You Already Know

So, what does that have to do with weight releasing?

We want to know the latest diets. We want to get in the game, start exercising and watch the pounds melt off, but we have not mastered the fundamentals. We don’t drink water.  We still go to bed too late. We don’t eat our vegetables like our mothers always told us to and our prayer life looks more like a to-do list than an intimate moment with someone truly special.

We’ve forgotten the basics!

Before you run off, ready to jump into the latest diet, or ready to will yourself into being better this year, start with the basics. Are you doing the things that you already know to do? Start there!

If you have not mastered the basics then you will not get very far. That’s one of the reasons why so many of us struggle with out weight. We jump from program to program without ever mastering the basics.

Ask yourself, what are the simple things that you’re not doing? Go back to those basics and master them before you try Keto, Paleo, or intermittent fasting.

Arguably the greatest coach of all time, Coach Wooden understood a vital principle that his players would never forget. This principle lead to many of his and his players successful achievements and it can work for your weight releasing journey, too.

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