How to lose weight while vacationing

How to lose weight while vacationing

It’s so wonderful to see ladies in our Breakthrough group come back from vacation weighing less than before they left. Is it really possible to lose weight while vacationing? I don’t know about you, but for me, vacation used to mean ‘all bets are off’. I remember coming back from an all-inclusive, one week vacation in Jamaica and gaining 10 pounds!

I contrast that to my vacation I returned from last week. I went away with a very different mindset than I had all those years ago in Jamaica. I lost that “I deserve to indulge attitude” and replaced it with “I deserve to be in good health and glorify God with my body.” This time I made a concerted effort to be active everyday and eat within my boundaries most of the time.

What changed for me? The same things that changed for the ladies in our Breakthrough program. They learned how to get to the root of what’s been keeping them stuck, they learned how to create a vision for their lives that create a road-map to their victory; they learned how to let go of their limiting beliefs; and they learned what it means to truly submit this journey to God.

Would you like to learn how to lose weight while vacationing? How about just lose weight?

I’m so thrilled to announce that we’re finally making our Breakthrough program available to everyone at an irresistible price point that you can go through at your own pace. We’re launching on Independence Day, July 4th to celebrate  your freedom from bondage from your weight forever!

In the meantime, ask yourself, what do you really deserve while you’re on vacation? If you don’t have a vacation planned, ask yourself, what do you really deserve on your weekends or when you’re not working? Listen to what the Holy Spirit tells you and be sure to share your responses with us.

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