Success Spotlight ~ Janet M.

I have struggled with my weight since I was 12 years old—48 years. My highest weight was 249; I am currently at 153.2 pounds. I will reach my goal weight of 140-45 possibly by September 2018.

My turning point was in January 2016 when I committed to God, one more time, that I wanted to get my food under control and eat healthily. Through a series of steps, God lead me to Weight Loss, God’s Way, and the 21-Day Challenge.

Completing the challenge gave me the hope that I could lose weight and keep it off. It was through Haven (now WLGW) and the Breakthrough course that I learned what was keeping me from losing the weight.

Having released 96 pounds, I now like myself better and feel better physically without that extra weight. I now think of food as nourishment only; it no longer controls me–I have food integrity again. Spiritually, Christ is back on the throne [instead of food]. I am no longer in control and neither is food.

When I am fearful or tempted about reverting back to old habits, I remember that as long as I do not take that first bite I will endure. As long as I don’t have my addictive foods in my system, I am not triggered. Or, if I do eat any, I recall 1 John 1:9 (NIV):

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

What was your favorite course?


Aside from your physical weight, what other changes/benefits have you received from taking better care of yourself?

I am better able to care for my grandchildren. I can keep up with people. I am more emotionally balanced and not as negative in my thinking. I can fit comfortably in chairs and tight places. And I play better golf!

What advice/tips/suggestions could you offer to your fellow sisters on this journey?

Let go of the food that entangles you. It is not worth it compared to how good eating right feels. Commit to it and just do it. God blesses you with more than you give up.

What is your theme scripture that ministers to you on this journey?

“Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult or beyond your reach.” Deut 30:11

To learn more about the Weight Loss, God’s Way Program, or to sign up to become a member, visit Try it free for the first 10 days.

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Ena G
Ena G
4 years ago

Wonderful testimony, Janet! And great photos to go with it :-). God bless you and strengthen you! Ena

4 years ago

Janet thank you for sharing your story. It brings me so much encouragement. I’m at a cross roads and like you I’ve committed to God again! Thankfully He is faithful to keep His word. I’m 30 lbs down and have 30-40 more pounds to go and I will with His guidance and encouragement like yours.

Gail H
Gail H
4 years ago

Janet, thank you for your sharing. I just spoke with my dr. today about food addiction. I really like your term food integrity! What part did exercise play in your weight releasing?

Melanie Galbraith
Melanie Galbraith
4 years ago

Thanks for this testimony! I really like your theme scripture. 🙂



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