Never Use This Phrase, ‘I Need To’


“For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.” James 2:26

Do you have faith? I’m not talking about the kind of faith that believes in God–I’m talking about rock solid faith that says, no matter what, I trust you Lord. No matter where you lead me, I will follow. Faith that says, “In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.” Psalm 118:29

I truly believe that if you listen to someone long enough, you can learn a lot about their faith. The words we say reveal our faith AND our fears. Our language tells the world whether we truly believe God’s Word or if we’re just giving it lip-service.

For example, there is one phrase that we say that always reveals our intentions (or lack of them).  Even if we say we have rock-solid faith, when you use this phrase, it will give away what’s really going on deep down inside.

We’re probably all guilty of using this phrase once, or 100 times. Let’s look at it in the context of our health:

  • “I need to get to the gym.”
  • “I need to eat better.”
  • “I need to lose some weight.”
  • “I need to spend more time in prayer.”
  • “I need to ….” (insert your need)

Regardless of how much faith you say you have, the phrase ‘I need to’ focuses on what you lack, not your faith.

It only serves as a reminder of what you’re not doing and probably will never do. It conjures up feelings of guilt, shame and disappointment in yourself for not doing what you want to do.

‘I need to’ does not take God into account. It does not consider his strength, his grace and his power to help you do the things that you are unable to in your own strength.

Most importantly, it does not lead to action!

The Bible teaches us that faith without works is dead. So my fellow overcomers, it’s time to stop constantly rehearsing the phrase, ‘I need to’ and actually DO SOMETHING.

‘I need to’ will never get you results. I will always remain the thing in the future that will never happen for you. Saying ‘I need to’ will keep you in overwhelm mode, in guilt mode and frustration mode. It will continue to erode your faith.

Never mind what you need to do, what will you do?

I’m not saying this is easy for you but the Word teaches us that God’s yoke is easy (Matthew 11:30). He will do the heavy lifting for us. He will do the things that we are unable to do in our own strength when we put our trust in Him.

But it will take willingness on our part. We’ve got to take the first step in faith. Start by:

1. Change your language and stop saying what you need to do. Instead say:

  • “I will go the gym on Saturday.”
  • “I commit to changing my eating habits by eating more vegetables.”
  • “I will lose weight.”
  • “I commit to releasing weight by exercising for 30 minutes each day.”
  • “I will wake up 15 minutes earlier each day to pray.”
  • So, what’s the difference between the first and second set of statements?

    2. Let God know your desire to change from the inside out. Let Him know that you submit your health journey to him.

    3. Take one small step in faith.

  • You might not be ready to run a marathon or give up your sugar addiction right away, but what is one small thing you can do right now–like today.
  • Drink a cup of water if you don’t drink any.
  • Eat one vegetable at dinner if you don’t eat any.
  • Give thanks before you eat.
  • Pray after you’ve overeaten.
  • Give thanks for the day.

Go ahead, you can do it. Just take one small step in faith and God will meet you wherever you are.

Notice how often you say ‘I need to’ and then replace it with words and phrases of faith.

Let’s begin to exercise our faith by learning how to take action.

By the grace of God, you got this!

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