Weight loss at different seasons of your life. What season are you in?

what season are you in?

“There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven.” Ecclessiates 3:1 AMP


What season of your life are you in?

My sweet friend, Laura, went through a difficult time in the past couple of years as her father was nearing the end of his life. It was a painful season for her of learning how to say goodbye. She experienced a flood of emotions which ranged from the joy of ushering him into the presence of his heavenly Father, to the sadness of not wanting him to go. I admired her attitude as she shared with me during the time she cared for him. "Even though I miss my normal life, I wouldn't miss this detour for anything!" Could you respond like this during a difficult season in your life?

Understandably so, Laura's weight was not her main priority during that season of her life. Granted, health is important, but we should be mindful that it's a tool we use to allow us to enjoy other aspects of life--it should not be the final destination. We are not healthy for the sake of being healthy. We strive to be healthy so we can enjoy our life--whether it's with ailing parents, our grandchildren, our spouses, or our friends. The healthier we are, the better we will be able to enjoy these experiences.

What's your overall goal?

Weight loss in and of itself should never be our main goal. Don’t exercise and eat healthy just for the sake of doing it. Do it so you can to enjoy other aspects of your life. And, do it so you can glorify God.

When we make the mistake of allowing weight loss to become our main goal, we're often disappointed because as soon as life throws us a curve ball and we are unable to maintain our routine, we get frustrated.

Getting back to exercising after a month of rest due to a back injury in the past would have been pretty disappointing to me if my main goal was exercise. As frustrating as the experience was for me to not exercise, I was not afraid that I would gain weight or never return to my workout routine. I finally understood that it's simply a season in my life, and once this season ended, I will return to a life that involves more activity.

In these seasons of your life, continue to make the best food choices you can. Continue to make time to exercise, but don’t stress about it if you miss a workout. Enjoy your family and friends and be grateful for the gift of having them, and that you are healthy enough to enjoy them.

Is this your season to focus on your health?

If God has called you to make your health a priority in this season of your life, then do it! You may need to let other things go to make it happen. Understand the season and make the necessary sacrifices. It may mean that you might have to wake up a little bit earlier or spend less money shopping for clothes and other things so that you can spend more money on healthy food. You may need to give up TV so that you have time for exercise. Remember, it is for a season and it will prepare you for other things in your life. Your season may be preparing you to leave a legacy for your children, to inspire others, or to test your faith and draw closer to God.

"Remember the reason for your season will always bring glory to God."

This mindset prepares you for the season like Laura experienced when you may be under a lot of stress. You may experience a season of illness or injury like I did. Or maybe you're a new mom, or you're called to return to school, travel, or take on a work project where you may not be able to make your health one of your main priorities. Know that it’s okay and that it’s normal. Once the season has passed, you will return to prioritizing your health without fear that you will lose it. Trust God that He has prepared you for this season and travel through it with strength and grace.

What season are you in? Is this your season to make your health a priority or is there something else that needs your focused time and attention. Whatever season you're in, trust that God will equip you to manage it well.

I would love to hear from you.


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2 years ago

I think this is my season to get focused on getting healthy. God has given me the strength to overcome a terrible caffeine addiction without feeling bad or having headaches. I have experienced a knee injury though the day I started exercising so I am trying to get that healed up but it is proving to be difficult. I pray God would reveal to me what I should be doing even it if it means to be less active for a time to allow it to heal.

Ena G
Ena G
2 years ago

I found it interesting that I could read the post in 3 minutes, but only if I didn’t take time to meditate on the thoughts that came to mind, and to pray! I do feel that this is my season to continue my focus on releasing weight, as I have been slowly over the past 18 months. My relationship with God is being blessed, and my health is also blessed (recently did lots of walking on a trip to Uganda). I believe that God wants me to glorify Him by being a witness to my relationship with Him and to… Read more »

RuthAnn S
RuthAnn S
2 years ago

This is my season to get healthy. I’m so glad I stepped out in faith and started your 21 Day Challenge back in January. God is blessing me in so many ways.