Should I Moderate, or Eliminate Certain Foods?

“Everything in Moderation”

I touted the principle of moderation for years to all of my clients and for the same amount of time attempted to live by this principle myself. “Everything in moderation,” I used to say, but I would always have a difficult time putting it into practice. It was only with a few foods, so I never considered it a serious problem. The idea of giving up the offensive food entirely never occurred to me. I never considered if I should moderate, or eliminate.

So, this past birthday weekend, I was tested with the “everything in moderation” theory again. Let’s just say, that theory really sucks!

I’m back at a place that I despise. The uphill battle of trying to wean myself off sugar again. “One” slice of cake turned into five over the course of a few days.

You would think that after all these years, I would know that if there’s an entire cake in the fridge, I will eat it until it’s gone. Somehow I keep convincing myself that I will only have a thin slice each day– lies!!

I have some clients that can moderate themselves and be satisfied with one, small 100-200 calorie snack per day.  That ain’t me!  Some people, (myself included) have to realize there is no such thing as “just one bite”– at least with certain foods.

So, what IS the right answer? Are we to abstain from sweets, or certain tempting foods, or are we to moderate ourselves?

Is One Bite Too Much

Here’s the deal:

There are certain foods that render certain people utterly devoid of the ability to stop eating. One bite is too much, so eliminate those foods from your diet in order to effectively lose weight. Don’t even mess around with them. The second it touches your lips, it will trigger a biochemical response that will render you powerless to that food. Good luck trying to stop yourself!

Wonder if that’s you? Ask yourself this simple question: “Can I eat just one cookie (cake/chocolate, a handful of chips, nuts, etc.) and feel satisfied?”

If the answer is “no,” then those are your trigger foods and you need to eliminate them from your life.

If you are the type of person who can eat one cookie and stop, then keep on with your “everything in moderation” principle.

As Paul writes to the Christians in Rome, he urges them (and by extension us) to avoid those situations that open the door, leading us to give in to our flesh: “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” Romans 13:14

We control our appetite. It does not control us.

Does that mean that I will never have cake again? Heck, no! But it does mean that I can never bring an entire cake into the house. If there’s one slice I will eat one slice, but if there’s an entire cake….well– you know! 🙁

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To Your Success,

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3 years ago

Thank you, Cathy. Seeing you say these things makes me feel a little less crazy and a little less ashamed of myself. I have convinced myself that I’m broken somehow with no self control whatsoever. You’re absolutely right. I need to avoid those trigger foods totally. This week I had a sugary coffee concoction that was yummy, but next thing you know I’m eating ice cream and anything else I can find. It just starts with one sip or one bite.

Colleen Shoulders
Colleen Shoulders
3 years ago

So true…sad but true. Sugar, carbs, cheesy, and fried foods are delicious. And, I can never stop at just one!

3 years ago

So true. Thanks for the reminder. There are things I know I can’t just have one and have it in moderation. Some things I know that I want I will divide it up and put it in the freezer. I’m not so quick to grab because by the time it thaws, my whole attitude about it may have changed. Sort of like shopping – leave it – think about it & if I decide later I want it I’ll get it, if not, there isn’t a second thought.

Felecia N
Felecia N
3 years ago

As the old saying goes, “ you hit the nail on the head”. I can’t just eat one and walk away. Therefore, while I’m trying to release weight I have eliminated sweets and junk food from my diet. It’s been about two months and I’m praying I can continue on the right path🙏🏾. I don’t have the craving to eat sweets so far, but I know one bite will ruin all my hard work. Dear Lord give us strength.