Success Spotlight ~ Verna P.

How many years have you struggled with your weight?

I have been a yo-yo dieter for my entire adult life. I have successfully lost large amounts of weight several times before but then regained it all and then some. That has convinced me that dieting is not the answer – it has only made it worse. The reasons underlying why I eat more than I need for physical nourishment must be addressed or I will do the same again. That is why I love this program, even though it is a challenging journey.

What was your highest weight? Current weight? And when are you projected to achieve your goal weight?

My highest weight was 297.2 lbs (that was in 2017). At the start of this program, I weighed 287.5. As of May 2018, I’ve lost 30 lbs.

I aim to lose 66 lbs by my 60th birthday in December this year (from January this year) and reach my goal weight by October 2019.


What is your theme scripture that ministers to you on this journey

I have found the Amplified translation of Philippians 2:13 particularly important:

“Not in your own strength for it is God who is all the while effectually at work in you, energizing and creating in you the power and desire both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.”

Do you still fear that you will revert back to your old habits and mindsets?

Fear is a death trap if I allow it. That fear does creep in sometimes, but the Word reminds me that it does not come from God (2 Timothy 1:7). So I surrender the fear, my weight loss, my stinking thinking, and my daily habits to God and ask Him to show me what I need to be doing right at that time to stay the course. Then I get on with doing the next indicated thing. Plus I focus on gratitude for all that He has done and continues to do. When I do not give place to the devil by entertaining those fearful thoughts (based in the future, not right now), the devil flees from me, especially when I use praise, worship, and gratitude as a form of spiritual warfare. The enemy hates it when we worship God!!!

Aside from your physical weight, what other changes/benefits have you received from taking better care of yourself?

I am physically fitter than I have been in recent years and now enjoy my daily exercise. I always feel closer to God when I walk in nature and having the willingness to do that (instead of being sedentary and wishing) is real enjoyment for me.

My prayer life and my hunger for the Word have improved as I put down the fleshly urges. The solid assurance, from God’s Word, that He will strengthen me, not let me suffer temptation more than I can bear and will always give me the way of overcoming uplifts me.

Through the daily lessons, I am developing a clearer picture of how God sees me and how much He loves me, that He has good plans for my life. He shows me my own brokenness, not to make me feel rejected or not good enough, but to help me be willing to do it His way.  It can be a painful thing to look at my own brokenness, but there is a purpose for that revelation. I am a work in progress. God is revealing the areas that I still try to manage in my own strength when He wants me to let it all go and lean on Him minute by minute. The amazing thing is as I surrender more, the more peace and strength I find.

Are there still ‘hard’ days? And what do you do on those days?

Some of the practical work such as making a weekly meal plan so I am not deciding what to eat when I am hungry or full of feelings, logging my food and keeping my commitment to exercise has made many days easier as those new things become my regular habit.

But there are still days where I am willful and don’t want to do what I know I need to do, or what God is calling me to do. On those days, the new habits do help carry me through but I cannot rely on those or on myself for the strength to keep on. There are also days where I find excuses to eat just as I want! Having made commitments to God helps, as does having accountability partners, but no one can make me willing.

When I don’t want to do it, I ask God for the willingness to just do the next indicated thing, then I get on with doing it. When I finish that, I ask again, what is next, one step at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time.

Dealing with my past, forgiving those who have hurt me, and not trying to live in the future by worrying or living in fear, keeps me better able to manage today. If I get into negative feelings and wallow, the food starts to appear very attractive, so a part of the key for me is to keep short accounts with God, going back to Him often when I am feeling uncomfortable, painful or stressful feelings, for the help I need to deal with that without pacifying myself with food. (I loved the video of Cathy with her giant dummy/pacifier!! Just like me!!)

I also recognize that my overly busy life is a major stumbling block for me, that I must obey God in letting go some of the roles I have had for a long time, no matter how uncomfortable that feels (especially when it involves other people’s expectations and opinions of me) and no matter how much it challenges my thinking that I am indispensable and the world will stop turning if I let go some of those “works”.

Having scriptures to speak out loud like 2 Timothy 1:7, Philippians 4:13, Philippians 2:13, and 1 John 4:4 also strengthen me.

How long have you been a member and what keeps you coming back?

I joined WLGW in January 2018, starting with the You Version Bible study 21 Challenge Plan. After the 21 days, I was keen to continue the journey and joined as a monthly member. The reason for that is simple – I love the program – the focus on the spiritual side of my overeating and the supportive group are what I need.

What advice/tips/suggestions could you offer to your fellow sisters on this journey?

Just keep coming back—each time you have a less than perfect day; each time you gain when you wish you had lost or when you expected to lose but didn’t; every time the food is calling you; every time life gets in the road and you get too busy or distracted to spend time with God or do the lessons. Don’t let imperfection stop you from moving forward. Failure is only when you give up altogether, not the bumps in the road along the way.

As soon as you recognize you have drifted, turn around, talk to God about it and be honest with another person about what is really going on. Let others pray with and for you, and surrender yourself to God and to the disciplines of the program again, asking Him for the willingness you need to get back on track.

To learn more about the Weight Loss, God’s Way Programs, or to sign up to become a member, visit Try it free for the first 10 days.

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5 years ago

So beautiful words!! Full of true… So many things to meditate on…
Dios te bendiga Verna!

Brenda FaganmnZfm
Brenda FaganmnZfm
5 years ago

So inspiring, Verna. Keep on keeping on. October 2019 will be here before you know it. Can’t wait to see your after picture then! You got this!

Julie Huffman
Julie Huffman
5 years ago

Verna, that was one of the most God-centered, wisdom-filled testimonies I’ve read.
“Fear is a death trap.”
“I focus on gratitude.”
“keep short accounts with God, going back to Him often”
“Turn around”
“Failure is only when you give up altogether, not the bumps in the road along the way.”

Thank you sharing and being vulnerable. Your words are filled with pearls of wisdom that I will be recalling.
Peace and joy.

Lesley Curtis
Lesley Curtis
5 years ago

Verna, thank you so much for sharing. It’s inspiring! I really love your verses – which have now also become mine, so thank you again 😀

Ruth Ann S
Ruth Ann S
5 years ago

Verna, to God be the Glory! Your story says it all. It’s encouraging and practical and exactly what I’ve experienced in the program. It’s a blessing to be on this journey with you and other sisters in the Lord. Thank you for sharing.

Ena G
Ena G
5 years ago

Thank you for sharing, Verna! I really appreciate your story and your encouragement. You’ve made good progress, and I know that with God’s help you’ll be able to get and keep the extra weight off.