The 5 Steps to Christian Weight Loss for Women 40 and Older

When it comes to losing weight, women 40 and older have needs that are quite unique to them.

I get it! As I’m 51 and a half years young, I can attest to the changes that my body is undergoing. I can no longer do what I did thirty, twenty, or even five years ago for that matter! But that’s life and I’m learning to adjust and adapt. 

Reality is …

1. We experience hormone fluctuations that cause our bodies to store more fat. (1) 

2. In some cases, we’re not as active as we may have been in the past, resulting in a loss of muscle mass (2)

3. Our metabolism slows down (3)

Now that’s maybe our reality, but that does not mean that we have to throw in the towel and succumb to a life of living in stretchy pants and stop taking care of ourselves.

As a Christian woman, we are called to glorify God with our bodies—regardless of age or size.

Sister, you have been given indispensable tools that are found right in the Bible that can help you finally lose the stubborn weight that you’re struggling with.

Whether you’re gaining weight as a result of the hormonal changes in your body, or you’ve been overweight all your life, this post will give you 5 simple steps to help you lose weight and keep it off.

End the ‘Overwhelm-Guilt-Quit’ Cycle
Once And For All 

As a personal trainer for almost 35 years, I’ve met countless women who are not fully able to enjoy life because of their excess weight and associated health complains. The excess weight has impacted their social life, their marriage, their self-esteem, and their anointing. I’ve seen worship leaders who are too self-conscious to raise their hands in worship and have talked to women too ashamed to be intimate with their husbands. This does not sound like the freedom that Christ died to give us.

It’s time to break free from the bondage that our poor health and excess weight keeps us trapped in. You’ve probably been trying over and over again to lose weight with limited success, if at all. It’s time to learn what works. It’s time to lose weight in a way that’s in line with who you are as a Christian woman.

Successful Christian weight loss is not about what you eat. It’s about what’s eating you! Learn what you're really craving. I bet you, it's not food. Share on X

The 5 Steps to Christian Weight Loss

This journey has been so hard because you’ve been going about it all wrong. Here’s how the Weight Loss, God’s Way Program has helped thousands of woman shed excess weight.

1. Reveal the Root

So you’ve been dieting and exercising to lose weight. But if the process were that simple, you would have done it already. But you know it’s much deeper than that. It goes way beyond diet and exercise. Truth is … it’s not about what you eat, it’s about what’s eating you! Before you try another diet, ask yourself, what are you really craving? Acceptance, love, success, peace, joy, freedom? This is where your ‘real’ weight loss journey begins. Start to pay attention to what you’re really craving. I bet you, it’s not food. 

Suggested Scripture Reading: Psalm 139:23

2. Release the Resistance

Yes, you want to lose weight but you want it on your own terms. You want to lose weight but eat what you want and don’t want to sacrifice. So the second step is to release!

To release means to let go of your beliefs, methods, and systems of trying to fix yourself; to stop trying to do things in your own strength and allow God to guide you in your journey towards better health. Think of all the fears, expectations, disappointments, and doubts you have about weight loss. As long as you hold on to them, weight loss is next to impossible.

Resistance also refers to the natural push-back we all experience when we try to change. Instead of trying to fight it or run from it, learn to release this resistance to God. What resistance are you experiencing on your weight releasing journey. Give it to God right now. He is more than capable of managing it. 

Suggested Scripture Reading: James 1:2-3

3. Renew Your Mind

Your previous attempts at weight loss have been unsuccessful because your mind is in conflict with your desire. You want to lose weight but your mind reminds you of all the times you’ve failed in the past. It reminds you of the frustration, deprivation, and overwhelm you felt every time you tried in the past. To move past this mental block so you can finally start losing weight, you will have to learn how to renew your mind with the Word of God. You will also understand how your thoughts affect your weight. What scriptures, declarations or confessions can you use when you find yourself getting caught up in toxic thinking or limiting beliefs? 

Suggested Scripture Reading: Romans 12:1-2

4. Rehearse a Consistent Action Plan

Finally, here’s where the diet and exercise come in. In the past, you may have started here and that’s why you have not been successful. You’ve been putting the cart before the horse.

Now that you’ve started dealing with the underlying issues and with your faulty thinking, you are now in a position to manage your eating and activity level. Without a vision and a consistent plan to help you accomplish it, you will continue to spin your wheels.  

Consistency will be key to your success in Step 4. It comes through making small, systematic changes to your lifestyle and avoiding making big overall changes. Start by choosing one health habit that would have the biggest impact on your overall health. Start small and remain consistent. In our program, we always start with changing one of these 3 habits– exercising for at least 15 minutes per day; tracking your food everyday or not eating after 7:00pm.

Suggested Scripture Reading: Hab. 2:2

5. Reman in Faith and Action

If you’ve ever lost weight before then you know the challenge of maintaining your success. Permanent change will require a consistent set of skills, habits, and behavior to remain focused and successful. Remaining in faith and action requires submission, obedience, truth, courage, and focus. Do you have a system to ensure these virtues are consistency practiced? Remaining thankful and living in gratitude will also go a long way in helping you to maintain your results. 

Suggested Scripture Reading: James 2:26

Before you make another futile attempt at weight loss, make sure you’ve implemented these 5 Steps into your program. Yes, hormones can mess with your progress, and you will need to adjust your expectations, however, be sure that you’ve implemented the steps above instead of blaming it all on hormones. 

Is there 1 step that you get stuck on? Let me know in the comments below. 



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