The Curse of Knowledge

It’s been about 7 years since I met my now husband, Preston. Since my mom is not on my email list, I can share with you that we met on an on-line dating site.

Although it was not a love-at -first- site kind of romance; (one day I’ll share all the juicy details with  you) our love of learning and self-improvement quickly united us and has us take a 100-day course together which helped us fast forward the ‘getting to know each other’ stage.

Over the years we realize that acquiring knowledge can be an incredible blessing but it can also be a curse. Most of us can attest to this fact on our health and weigh-loss journey. We have more information than we can ever remember, consume and implement yet we continue to search out more information.  We always have a feeling like maybe the key to our issue is in the next book or program and so the journey continues.

Most of the time, the information we’ve been praying for is right in front of our faces, yet we miss it because of what I call the ‘curse of knowledge.’ Like Adam and Eve in the garden, they had everything they could ever possibly want yet they wanted more. The enemy knows that search for more knowledge can be a trap that leads us down a never-ending rabbit hole.

It bugs me when I tell my son something and he says, “I know.” My response is usually, “No, you don’t know, because if you really knew it, you would be doing it.”

Many of us are like that with our faith and our health. We say we know God but we don’t reflect it in our actions or we say we know how to eat right, but yet we don’t do it. Then do you really know?

Preston and I just learned a 3-step checklist for the test of true knowledge. I’ve just starting applying this checklist to my faith and health walk which has been a very humbling experience.

1. Are you applying it?

What good is it to say you trust God with your health yet never submit the journey to Him or never run to Him in your time of need? On our webinar this past week in the Haven program, we learned that, ‘information without revelation will not lead to transformation.’ It’s one thing to read something in the Bible or even in a book, but without relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us, it’s more just information, which has no power on it’s own. Remember this, ‘knowledge is NOT power; application of knowledge is power.’

2. Have you mastered it?

Last month I signed up for one of those 30-day squat challenges. I got up to day 4 and I quit. Yet, if someone asked me, I would probably say, “yeah, I’ve done it before.” That’s what many of us do. We invest in something and quit before we’ve achieved results, yet we talk like we’re now experts on the subject.

I have a similar challenge with tracking my food. Yes, I track it but am I using the tool effectively to eat within my daily allowance or use it as and effective tool for weight-management? The answer is ‘no,’ so until then, I will continue using it until I learn what I need to learn from the tool. Don’t get frustrated, or give up if you miss a few days or if you can’t stick to it. Keep on trying until you master it.

3. Do your results prove it? 

This is the biggest test of true knowledge. A few weeks ago a gentleman was telling me about a new miracle fat-loss pill that has been selling like hot-cakes. He told me all of the benefits of the product and how amazing it was, he was about 50-pounds overweight!  Or have you ever had the sister at church tell you a Word of the Lord for you, yet her life was in shambles?

Let your results speak louder than your words. Results never lie. If you’re not getting results in your weight-loss program, then check sincerity of what you’re telling yourself. If you’re trusting God then do your results prove it? This might be an ‘ouch’ for you as it was for me but it humbles me to keep checking my motives, my mindset, and my attitude to see if I’m truly submitted to God as I say I am.

Results never lie and the Bible says, “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” Matt 7:16

Let your results reflect your knowledge and love of God. Be known by the fruits you produce in your life.


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