The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

In just a few short months, we’ve seen a lot of people come through our program and we’ve seen the consistent mistakes that they make each and every time they begin.

The ones that correct these mistakes see results while those who are still committed to their own way continue to struggle.

Mistake 1

Focused on changing behaviours instead of mindsets. When people start a weight loss program they immediately try to stop themselves from eating all the foods they’re accustomed to eating even though they have not been successful in the past . They try to start exercising even though they despise exercise. Their focus is all on what they’re doing instead of who they’re being. If they could change their mindsets then new behaviours would naturally follow.

Mistake 2

Focus on sweeping overall changes instead of making small gradual changes. Most people start a new weight loss programs with unrealistic expectations. They commit to exercising everyday; cutting out all junk food, waking up early. Fast forward to one week later and they are overwhelmed and frustrated with themselves and find themselves right back where they started except this time with more guilt and feelings of failure which will eventually have them weight even more. Change comes through making small consistent action steps.

Mistake 3

Focus on the problems instead of taking action towards a solution. Most people are always in fix it mode. They spend countless hours analyzing, scrutinizing, praying and meditating on what their problem is. They then meticulously count calories, join various groups, boot camps, and fitness clubs. The unfortunate thing is they are unable to stick to these initiatives because they have not addressed the root of what keeps them in the cycle they’re in. Once they being to focus on the root, they will begin to solve their weight loss problem.

Mistake 4

Focus on quick fixes instead of long term success. Which would make you feel better? Hearing that you will lose the weight in a month or in a year or two. Of course the former, yet history tells us that it will not work. Our memories are short when it comes to our previous attempts at weight loss. Garnicia Cambodia, Raspberry Ketones and Metformin all make great claims of fast weight loss but if you read the fine print you’ll learn the real truth. There is no short cut to weight loss, it takes a commitment to get to the root of the problem coupled with daily consistent action.

Mistake 5

Focus on relying on their own will-power instead of on God. This mistake encapsulates all the other mistakes and seems to be the main reason why they continue spinning their wheels. We have a strong need to be in control and even when we say we’ve turned our situation over to God, we still try to control how God is in control. What funny creatures we are.


Now that you know what to do, its time to put your plan in place so that you do not repeat these mistakes.

For a step-by-step approach to permanent weight loss, check out our program here. 

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elie mac
elie mac

These 5 mistakes really make sense to me. I have made all 5 over and over. It hasn’t been until the last year that I understood this. I was in my own way.