Turning Weight Loss Fears into Freedom

Last night my husband texted me and said we needed to celebrate because the Weight Loss, God’s Way book reached #1 in one of its categories on Amazon! Amazing right? Then why wasn’t I excited?

Then, last week, I had a similar experience. The same Weight Loss, God’s Way book was accepted and published on YouVersion–one of the largest Bible app companies in the world. Brenda, one of our team members who worked tirelessly at helping us get the book properly edited, was shouting this great news from the mountain tops. Me, I felt, … well, … meh. I told only a couple people about this great achievement.

It’s not that I was not happy about these two major milestones. The thought that God would use me to help change and affect other people’s lives feels wonderful.

When I really think about it, the issue is that my fears of success and judgment, mixed with some fears of failure, overrode my happiness and feeling of accomplishment. I was too afraid to acknowledgement my own success.

  • My fears of success led me to focus more on the ‘fact’ that the next book would have to be even better, and that was a lot of pressure.
  • My fears of judgment led me to focus more on the ‘fact’ that more people would be exposed to the book and judge me, my abilities, my faith, my approach to health, etc., etc.
  • My fears of failure led me to focus more on the ‘fact’ that I may get a whole bunch of negative criticism about the book that I don’t think my ego could handle.

As I recognized these patterns in myself, I cringed.

I realized how they keep me from reaching my healthy weight—I come within one pound, and then sabotage myself. They keep me from dreaming bigger, and from truly reaching for all the blessings God has for me.

As I work with clients each day, I see the same fears in others:

  • They quit because deep down inside they don’t believe they can do it.
  • Their fear of making a mistake keeps them from even trying.
  • Their fear of learning something new (like the computer or a new skill) keeps them in their comfort zone.
  • Their fear of looking bad, keeps them from asking questions, or speaking up when they need too.
  • Their fear of giving up feeling alone, unsatisfied or discontent, keeps them relying on certain foods to pacify them.

Today, in my quiet time, I’m reminded that our fears are really a cry to God to fill a hole that has been created over the course of our lives. These holes express our deepest wants and needs that only God can fill.

Here are a few examples:

          FEAR                 WANTS FROM GOD

  • Rejection . . . we want acceptance and trust
  • Failure . . . we want success
  • Judgment . . . we want grace and unconditional love
  • Feeling unwanted . . . we want to feel loved and accepted
  • Loneliness . . . we want companionship
  • Success . . . we want affirmation, ongoing support, and unconditional love

So as I experience these fears, I cry out to God. When my fear of failure rears its ugly head, I pray for God to give me success IN HIM. When my fear of rejection shows up, I pray for God’s grace and unconditional love. Any when my fear of success sends me running, I pray for God to affirm me.

There are hundreds of fears. They are one of the strongest weapons that the enemy uses to keep God’s people in bondage. Chances are, many of these fears are keeping you from achieving your healthy weight, or other stronghold.

So today, with God affirming me, offering me his grace and unconditional love, I share my successes with you. Please tell your friends and family about the Weight Loss, God’s Way book. Please download the YouVersion app to your phone or tablet, or create an account on your computer, then search under ‘Plans’ for the Weight Loss, God’s Way Bible Study.

There, that wasn’t so bad :).

What about you? What fears are keeping you from achieving your goals or for striving for all of God’s blessings. Name them. Allow yourself to feel the fears, then turn those wants and desires over to God. He is the only one who can satisfy those fears.

I’ve wasted too many years overly concerned with ‘what people would think’, ‘what if I fail’, and ‘what if I can’t do it’. It’s time to shift my focus to be only concerned with what God thinks of me and my abilities. Yes, it’s a process and it won’t happen overnight, but we have to start somewhere.

Are you ready to move forward in faith instead of fear?

We’ve got this my sisters, with the Lord as our strength!




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  1. Thank you for your honesty Cathy. I am actually thriving on your 21 Day trial program and decided to share your blog with my friends on facebook. I pray that the truth (Jesus) that encourages you will encourage countless others. Lord Bless you as you minister life on the internet.

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