The Secret to NEVER Quitting Another Weight Loss Program

In the Weight Loss, God’s Way Program, we are currently in a group study called, MESSY IN THE MIDDLE.

It’s the part of your health journey where the excitement of starting a new program has worn off and the finish line seems too far away so you feel somewhat stuck.

It’s when you’re faced with the reality of the work involved in achieving your goal and you start to question whether you will ever get there or whether it’s worth it. You may even consider throwing in the towel.

I’m in a messy middle right now. Since coming back from vacation just over a week ago, I’ve been in a downward spiral that has me watching far too many episodes of Game of Thrones.

I went to bed last night telling myself that tomorrow I was going to ‘start over.’ I was going to pick myself up, stop the foolishness because I ‘should’ know better. You know the conversation I’m talking about—the one where you try to guilt and shame yourself into doing better. When you believe that if you talk to yourself sternly (abusively) enough, you’ll smarten up. Yeah, that conversation.

As I woke up this morning, that voice had calmed down and I believe the Holy Spirit was talking to me instead.

I felt led to put on some worship music which I had not done for weeks and just ‘be still’. I stayed off social media and did not lunge into my to-do list. I just heard God’s sweet voice restoring me and lifting the heavy burden that I had been carrying for the last week. I then got dressed despite it being -20 degrees outside and went for a walk.

During my chilly walk, God truly ministered to me. I felt convicted of telling myself that I was going to start over. Although I’ve given thousands of woman this advice over the years, I now realized that it is bad advice and bad theology.

You see, starting over, implies that I’ve failed or quit which confirms my deep fears of failure. It keeps that record playing in my mind that keeps telling me that “I can never finish what I start”; or I don’t have what it takes”; or “It’s too hard.” You know all those broken records that keep playing in your head. The ones that the enemy has on repeat?

God showed me that every time I tell myself or anyone else to start over, it fulfills the neurochemical craving that I seek to want the excitement of something new which always plays out the same way—quitting. In layman’s terms, I’m addicted to starting over! Repeating a behavior over and over again whether it serves you or not, can become an addiction if you automatically keep defaulting to it.

Most importantly He gave me this analogy, If I’m driving from Toronto to New York and I take a wrong turn, would I turn around and go back to Toronto to start over? Of course not. I would recalibrate and get back on track! So why do I feel like I have to start over when it comes to my health journey?

I know I’m not alone because when women ‘mess up’ in the 21-Day Challenge and get off course, they often start over from the beginning.

Sisters, let’s get over this notion of feeling like we need to keep starting over again. Just keep on going. Detours are part of the journey. So what you thought would take 11 hours, may take 12, 15, or maybe even more. Fact … you got to New York!

So what’s the secret to never quitting another weight loss program? Recognize that setbacks and detours ARE a part of the journey. Starting over wastes a lot of time and mental energy as you work to fix yourself. God is with you on your journey and loves you too much to leave you alone.

The next time you veer off track, remember that it’s all part of the journey and you do not need to back to the beginning.

You got this with the Lord as your Strength!





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  1. I’m definitely “messy in the middle”,I lost track of what I was doing. I joined WW about a year ago and lost about 50 lbs. I did this with the help of the 21 day challenge and stayed focused on prayer and scripture to lead the way. Around Christmas time I started my way back up the scales and lost the prayer factor. I’m using this program to keep me focused on my goals. Please pray for me as I pray for myself. It is a daily struggle when I think I can do this on my own. I simply cannot.

  2. Hi Cathy
    Thanks for today’s blog. I almost made that mistake of starting over because I had cheated one weekend. So, I prayed to God and began rereading the scriptures for the 21 day meal plan and your insights each day, as that proclaim Wah la The Holy Spirit began directing me and I have not thought about starting over at all. Also I have some strong supporters, my husband and four of our daughters also keep me motivated.

  3. Thanks, thanks a thousand times for this encouragement! What happens when I keep failing is I give up because I feel like such a failure. This really encouraged me.

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