Believe and Achieve: Your Health Goals Are Within Reach

Do you truly think that your health journey will be successful? Cathy here from Weight Loss, God’s Way, and today we’re going to talk about a very important topic: Believe and Achieve. Our actions are guided by our underlying beliefs; deep desires alone cannot bring about change. Think about your belief system and consider this:…


Weight Loss Patience: Navigating the Slow Lane to Health!

Have you ever had the feeling that your attempts to lose weight are likely to remain in slow motion and never reach their desired end? I’m Kathy, your guide from Weight Loss, God’s Way, and I know how frustrating the journey can be at times, especially in this cold January. Let’s examine the wisdom found…


From Wish to Willpower: God’s Guide to Weight Loss

Embarking on a successful health journey requires more than mere wishes—it demands a strategic plan. As Cathy, I’m here to guide and inspire you on your weight loss journey. Today, we’ll explore the importance of creating a robust plan and leveraging your willpower to ensure lasting success. Section 1: The Power of a Goal with…


Health Breakthrough: Scripting Your Best Year!

Happy New Year, my wonderful friends! As I record this in the chilly January air, I’m on my forest walk, eager to share tools and tips for a successful health journey this year. So, grab a warm cup of tea and join me in exploring strategies to keep moving forward in our health breakthrough goals….


Embracing Your Divine Creation: Escape the Comparison Trap

Do you often find yourself ensnared in the comparison trap, yearning for a different physique or coveting the health journey of others? Today, join me, Cathy from Weight Loss God’s Way, as we delve into the profound impact of comparison on your health goals and explore a more enriching path. Our journey begins with the…


Letting Go: The Missing Piece to Your Weight Loss Puzzle

What’s your initial response to challenging news or stressful times? Do you find yourself teetering on the edge of panic? I can certainly relate. Today, let’s delve into a crucial aspect of our journey—our response to setbacks. Whether it’s related to our eating habits, the challenges of our weight release journey, or life’s unexpected twists,…


Powerful Insights from Psalm 103: Overcoming Temptation

Do you ever feel like you’ll never be able to overcome your temptations? Do you ever feel like the cravings will get so big, like so overpowering that they’re just gonna take over, and you’ll be so out of control? It’s Cathy here, from Weight Loss God’s Way, and I definitely feel that way sometimes….

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Healing Through Awareness: Your Guide to Overcoming Emotional Eating

Do you know what triggers you to start eating emotionally? Today, we’ll explore the first and most vital key to overcoming emotional eating: awareness. Emotional eating can often feel like a force that takes control of your actions, but by cultivating emotional eating awareness, you can begin to reclaim power over your responses to triggers….