5 Realistic Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

Do you struggle with consuming too much sugar? It’s a problem that a lot of us face. The other day I was talking to someone about sugar cravings and she shared that she will have something savory right after having something sweet and this will help her to stop wanting more sugar after enjoying that…

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It’s Not A Knowledge Problem. You Know What to Do!

It’s Not a Knowledge Problem Recently when I was coaching a client on the phone, she asked me the age-old question, “What’s the best diet that I should be following?” I don’t have a problem answering this question, but I do realize that knowing the best diet is not usually helpful. It’s not a knowledge…

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Healthy Self-Image or Vanity? What’s the Difference?

Healthy self-image

The struggle to develop a healthy self-image and build up our self-esteem is as real for Christian women as it is for most other women. The additional challenge is that our faith can serve to complicate the issue even more. That’s because many of us were taught that focusing on our bodies was vanity, so…

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You Shall Have What You Say. I Say, “It’s FriYay!”

Happy FriYay

Happy Friday, Sisters! I trust your week was blessed! It’s FriYAY! 😀🤣 I say “FriYAY,” not because I’m glad it’s the weekend, but because I’m committed to making every day a “YAYday.” That’s especially important during these uncertain times. I believe you shall have what you say. Because of that, I’m committed to rejoicing in the…

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Turn Your Health Vision into Reality

Vision, or Unrestrained? When it comes to your health, are you on a clear path to turn your vision for your life into reality? Let me back that up a hot minute. Do you HAVE a vision for your health? Is your vision inspiring? Does it motivate you to keep going? The business world teaches…

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